Scene Outside Cafe Gole Rezaieh

Back in 2014, I had posted an article detailing various fashionable restaurants and cafes in North and Central Tehran. One of these cafes was Cafe Gole Rezaieh, and, at the time, I could not even find a picture to illustrate that part of the article- the cafe seemed to have no presence on the Internet. Things have changed in 3 years, and not only have I been able to find a well-illustrated review of Gole Rezaieh dating back to 2005 by none other than Syma Sayyah but I have also found photos of some very cool manteau styles worn right by the entrance of this legendary cafe. I am entrance by the super-long beige open cardigan worn with a bright turquoise scarf, also worn open…of course, long open cardigans are a passion of mine. I am also stunned by the gorgeous open purple scarf (matching the purple sneakers) on the girl on the right from which a long red braid flows. Incidentally, that girl also wears a long manteau in black with matching leggings. If these are the styles worn outside of this cafe….just imagine what amazing outfits are worn inside!



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