Egg Painting Festival Outfits Part I

If you thought last year’s sets from a beautiful spring art festival dedicated to painting giant eggs were big….get ready for this year! The egg installations are just as gorgeous as ever, and the outfits are phenomenal, starting with this awesome grey sweater coat with brown elbow patches. This is only the second coat featured on this blog at all with elbow patches (the first one being this one) and the first elbow patch coat that is a sweater rather than a winter coat. The woman wears it with a black pushed-back snood and is painting a happy bright face on the egg.


In a color reversal of the previous outfit, here’s a black coat with a grey sweater underneath it. The black pushed-back snood, though, remains as great as ever. Looks like this egg is a color-block one…


A completely unmatching outfit, this features a long blue manteau with a yellow parka over it, a white scarf showing off dark curls, jeans rolled up above the ankles,  red socks, and grey sneakers. I do not know how she makes it all work…but she does! The egg painting features a cloud raining on what looks like a coat….I wonder what this means.


Another rare style (at least, for now) is the embossed print manteau. There has only been one featured here before, in black. This one is in soft brown and is looking great with the black top underneath and a textured blue scarf.


How awesome is this- not one but TWO long braids flowing out of open scarves? The olive green and navy blue manteaus are getting splattered with paint, but the styles are amazing!


There’s more…a lot more…stay tuned!


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