Egg Painting Festival Outfits Part II

(Part I is here)

Without much ado, here is the next part of the giant set of outfits from the egg painting festival. First, here is a red and black marled coat, a rarity since most marled-fabric manteaus I have posted here were grey. The coat is worn with a black scarf with a silver border that looks like a snood from some angles.


Can you see the above outfit in the photo below? Yes, the girl in the red and black marled coat is off to the right in the background! In the foreground, a woman in a beige smocked tunic worn over a brown long-sleeve top  and a green scarf showing off short hair is painting some geometric patterns on an egg sculpture.


The next two outfits also involve the color red in some way…for example, here is a red and black plaid manteau worn with a pushed-back black scarf, sneakers, and pants…nice color choice! Looks like she is sketching a preliminary pattern on the egg that is quite intricate.


…and here is a red manteau worn with a beige scarf in the foreground (there is also an olive coat worn with jeans and ankle boots in the background). The woman in the red coat seems to be painting a rooster head – cock-a-doodle-doo!




Finally, a rarity appears for the 2nd time in 2017 – the “coat with skirt” ensemble! Once again, the skirt is of a green color (a more olive shade) and the outfit also involves a black trench coat worn on top of another dark tunic and a turquoise scarf. Most likely, this is a group of painters taking a celebratory selfie upon completion of the egg painting- a color-block one behind them may be one of their creations.


Yes, there is a Part III…and it’s coming soon!


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