Egg Painting Festival Outfits Part III

(Part 1, Part 2)

Here are the last few photos from the egg painting festival….and they do not disappoint at all…for example, this brown velour coat with a colorful applique on the side is very cool! These are some amazing bright colors on the flower painted on that egg.


Here are two outfits in one photo – one involving a short grey jacket over a black long sleeve top and jeans, the other involving a beautiful purple open cardigan over a red and gold printed top…and a black long-sleeve top too! Not only is the cardigan purple…but so is the scarf and even the hair is tinted a bit purple-burgundy too!


To conclude, here come the selfies…one with a navy blue manteau and turquoise scarf and some amazing egg sculptures, including one that is covered with colorful prints or photographs and a green one with blossoming tree branches…gorgeous!


The egg involves a funny little boy in glasses jumping among the flowers and is pretty awesome. The outfit is just as great- a grey ikat printed cardigan. Strangely enough, this one is worn with a turquoise scarf as well!


If you thought this was the end of the egg sculpture photos, you would be mistaken….another set of photos is coming soon- this one would be dedicated to beautifully dressed women posing with the finished product of this festival, so stay tuned!


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