Couples Walking in Parks and on Streets

This photo set was, for some reason, linked to an article about marriage…not sure how they would know whether the men and women in these photos are married to each other exactly…anyway, the manteaus in this set are awesome. First, here is a couple walking by a Chinese restaurant with pictures of the food it serves in the window…looks yummy, except I cloud swear the leftmost photo shows pizza, and that’s not a Chinese food at all :-). The grey manteau with darker lace-covered pockets (and similar chest panel) looks very stylish with the black leggings!


The next two couples are walking in Northern parks….how about this open scarf and the gorgeous long hair flowing out of it? I love it!As well, I love the grey, burgundy, and white color-block manteau!


In addition to the couple (check out that beautiful beige waterfall cardigan and striped black and white scarf!), there are also 2 women walking here in very cool coats – a tie-dyed tunic and a pink open trench coat. Every style of manteau is well-represented here.



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