Spring 2017 Manteau Styles

The brand new spring 2017 manteau fashions are here..and it is a diverse group! There are the classical items, such as the fashionably faded denim manteau below…

میدان بهارستان 21‹

..and then there are the newer items, such as this beige linen belted tunic with bell sleeves. This year, most of the styles seem to be worn with leggings – a highly encouraging sign!

میدان بهارستان 21‹

Lemon yellow and wine (or oxblood) red are the hottest shades of color this year. The manteaus are short and fitted to the body, and one mannequin even has her silk scarf tied on her shoulders (how I would wear it!). My personal favorites are the oxblood manteaus – one in smooth satin and the other boasting amazing jeweled cuffs on the 3/4-length sleeves.


These mannequins wear no scarves whatsoever – awesome! They also show that inserts continue to be big as always – from lace (cream manteau on left) to multicolored patterns (green manteau in center) to pleats (beige manteau on right).


The last 2 photos are actually 2 halves of a huge store display window with a cool pattern painted on. Bright, jewel-toned colors are huge this year, and they are perfect for spring and summer to create a happy mood. The blush pink manteau has the coolest features in this photo – a triangular slit in the hem with a blush panel inserted and a tasseled belt.


The red and turquoise manteaus have asymmetrical hems…and the scarves in both halves of the display are gorgeous. Spring and summer 2017 are looking very exciting.




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