Checking Out The Painted Eggs

You have seen the multitude of photos from the egg painting it’s time to show the final product of all those days of painting – people actually observing the painted eggs! Just like during the festival itself, the observers wear awesome outfits too!

First, here’s a girl in a navy blue dress manteau over a red long-sleeve top taking a selfie against an egg painted with multiple fish….


Here’s another cool color combination – burgundy manteau, light pink scarf showing off glossy auburn hair, black pants, and blue sneakers…nothing matches, yet everything looks good together.


The next two photos feature the same woman in a short olive green coat and blue scarf, first by herself, posing in front of a beautifully painted egg with gorgeous birds on tree branches…


…and then with another woman wearing a burgundy patterned dress manteau, white scarf with a print on it (showing some red hair), and red pants, taking a selfie. I wonder if these two are mother and daughter..


Finally, here’s an epic red waterfall cardigan with jeweled cuffs on the sleeves…I love it!



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