Three Manteaus in a Caspian Forest

This adorable selfie features three beautiful outfits in a gorgeous Caspian resort forest – these places are a bit wild and overgrown, almost jungle-like sometimes, yet never too far from civilization. My favorite is the red and white patterned coat on the right (worn with black shoes with cut-out sides, which seem to be very popular this year). The black shoes with white soles, worn by the girl in the middle, are also quite popular. On the left, the coat is not fully visible…but who cares, when you can see a gorgeous fringy scarf in all its glory and..yes, you guessed it right….Timberland-style boots, a perfect union of hip-hop and manteau styles! This is only the second time I am seeing this style of boots worn with manteaus, and the first time was this year too…..I’d like to see whether this trend will stick around.



3 thoughts on “Three Manteaus in a Caspian Forest

  1. […] Outside, against a wall of tilework, another beautiful outfit appears – a long black and white coat with black  leggings and black shoes with thick white soles. These shoes are supposedly popular the last year or so, but I almost never see them with any manteau styles (exception being here). […]

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