The Mega Book Fair Set – Part I

Yes, those book fair photos are finally here…and this year marks an especially gigantic set. Let us begin with just four photos…first, a beige manteau with puffy pleated sleeves and blue and white polka-dot cuffs…this style is almost like something from the early 2000s. The blue and white printed scarf is somewhat cool…


…then an acid-wash denim coat worn with a red scarf. Nice but not particularly memorable…


..and sometimes, it rains on the book fair, so a selfie is in order- of course! I find the burgundy manteau with the big black square print amazing because of the way it is combined with black leggings, burgundy clog-style shoes, and a pushed-back black snood. The other coat is olive green and is getting soaked…but still looks cool with the turquoise blue scarf.


Finally, how about this awesome green coat with a cool rhombus-like embroidery on the neck and sleeves? Now that is a bad-ass green item, for sure.


This is just the beginning…there is much more to come.

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