The Mega Book Fair Set – Part II

It continues….with this cool black manteau with a black checkered print and a first on the blog- T-strap shoes! I wonder why she is holding a pink balloon…


..sometimes, the book is so engaging you have to start reading right away. This girl, in a blue and red plaid manteau, definitely thinks so – she is reading right ont he lawn outside the book fair. Note the navy blue snood- this color in a snood is still very rare.


The girl is studying an atlas in an interesting black, grey, and white scarf with a print that looks like dogs (a bit)….


And this girl is reading something architecture-related in a beautiful white, yellow, and black color-block manteau.


..while this outfit is a combination of elements from the previous 2 – the grey printed scarf and the color-block coat, this time, in grey, white, and yellow. Also note the Paris-printed bag on the girl’s shoulder- very cool!


Wait for more book fair photos coming soon…

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