Just Walking On By…

…in some really cool outfits! Here is yet another post from one of those huge group walking events (example of a previous one can be seen here). We start with a black-and-white ensemble, from the printed manteau to the white tall boots with black laces to the…black scarf worn completely open!


Next come two black leather jackets worn over, interestingly enough, reversed color combinations – white coat over black pants on the left, black coat over white pants on the right. (Can you spot the navy manteau in the background, too?).


The third leather jacket of the set is bright red and is worn over a flower print blue manteau paired with a beautiful turquoise chain-print scarf. Too bad the photo is a bit out of focus…


A victory sign and a smile are beautiful accessories to this all-black outfit with the classic snood and double-breasted trench coat.


These women are doing the wave, it seems…and boasting impressive Northern-style make-up and tattooed eyebrows. I like the combination of light scarf and dark coat on the right and center and vice versa on the left.


These outfits are the ultimate bad-ass manteau style….neon-colored log tops and leggings, visors and baseball caps (including 1 with a USA flag!!!!), and victory signs for all…so gorgeous! These outfits remind me of the outfit on the right in this photo (since it was worn for jogging and also involved neon colors and leggings).




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