The Mega Book Fair Set – Part IV

It’s a rarity in manteau style, but here it is on the left… a scarf tied  behind the ears which shows all of the chin and neck and lots of hair, too. The mustard-colored scarf matches the shade of yellow patterns on the blue coat perfectly. On the right, a grey tweed coat is trimmed with white lace- a beautiful combination of toughness and gentleness.


What book fair would it be without art books? I see books dedicated to the modern artists – Pollock, Duchamp, Hopper- and a girl in a beige manteau and a red scarf showing lots of hair reading them intently. Seeing the famous Duchamp urinal on the book cover is funny too…


A girl in a huge blue printed scarf and black coat and sneakers is looking perfectly content, reading among the crowds.


This black and red embroidered tunic really reminds me of my tunic from this post. By the way, I think the red scarf and light blue Ked-style shoes look awesome with it.



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