Flower Expo Fashions

Some years, the flower expo yields tons of photos. This year, it seems to be not as many as usual (perhaps, because it was dwarfed by the multitude of awesome book fair outfits). Still, there were plenty of nice outfits at the flower expo…as you can see here.

Selfie sticks are ubiquitous at the flower expo, as in this photos of a blue manteau and pink flower-printed scarf with some black curls flowing out the front.


A fitted navy blue and white polka dot tunic is worn with very fitted grey jeans and a black scarf draped low- perfect manteau style on display!

نمایشگاه بین المللی گل و گیاه 27}®IFA

These champagne-colored roses are very beautiful…and seem to match the woman’s manteau, covered with a pin dot print. The silk scarf tied low shows off beautifully highlighted hair and classy make-up.


The last couple of years, there has been an outdoor component to the flower expos. The following two photos were taken at the outdoor portion of the expo. A beige jacket is worn over a black coat; however, the scarf (pushed very far back and basically showing the entire hairstyle – yes!!) and the jeans are blue, and the shoes are burgundy.


This black coat with embroidered shoulders reminds me of the last manteau from the previous book fair post. This one is worn with jeans, ankle boots, and a grey scarf pushed back.


Best otufit of the flower expo is, hands down, this amazing white sweater with black print, a blush pink scarf draped loosely over red hair, and..yes….a diamond nose stud! Now, that is a selfie worth celebrating.



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