The Mega Book Fair Set – Part VI

This set is opened and closed by two amazing outfits….look below, and you’ll see what I mean. I have never seen a satin shiny coat with a pleated skirt like this before…and in that classic “urban combat” color, olive green, too! The black snood and beige pants go well with the olive color of the coat. I actually bought an olive green satin-finish bomber jacket myself, and I love it.


Next are two photos of girls reading on the lawns outside the book fair…one in a denim manteau with a red scarf generously showing lots of hair, black pants, and blue sneakers…


..and the other in a turquoise coat, black pants and sneakers, and blue scarf, which shows brown hair with turquoise streaks in it- very cool! I love the punk rock manteau style!


These two women, in blue and black coats and snoods (looks like student outfits) are posing by a billboard explaining about Michele Serra. I had no idea who he is until I saw this photo- you learn something new every day!


Finally, the set is closed out by two awesome outfits…one of which is even cooler than the other. I am speaking about the manteau with multiple panels of course- blue and white stripes, light blue and green stripes, and even solid grey sections. The burgundy coat with embroidery on the pockets is nice of course, but the striped coat (and the camouflage sneakers with which it is worn) is really the star of this set.



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