The Mega Book Fair Set – Part VII

Finally, the last part of the set is here! Three of the four coats in this post are beige, but each has its own unique features. For example, the coat below is covered with a very resort-feeling palm tree print.


This is the only non-beige coat in the set, but it looks unique too, with its navy blue inserts on as lighter, powder blue background. The scarf is navy blue, too, but is decorated with white flower embroidery.


A simple beige trench coat is worn with a brown printed scarf and giant headphones…this girl must be listening to an audio book.


My favorite outfit is this one – a beige coat with contrasting ikat print pockets, black skinny pants, black flat shoes, and a yellow printed scarf showing off golden hair and sculpted eyebrows. For some reason, beige manteaus with contrasting pockets,. usually decorated with some kind of print (ikat, paisley, and stripes seem to be the biggest ones) are huge this year- the trend actually began in 2016, as you can see in this post, but has continued throughout 2017 unabated.



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