Beige Coats With Contrasting Pockets

The 2017 trend of beige manteaus with colorful, contrasting pockets that appeared in this post continues unabated. Below is a coat with striped pockets worn in a selfie with a mustached man near a beautiful palace. ..and with a yellow scarf and brown hiking boots. In fact, now that I look at it, it is identical to this coat from 2016!


This coat with paisley pockets has not previously been seen before this selfie and is worn with a red scarf showing off lots of glossy dark hair.



2 thoughts on “Beige Coats With Contrasting Pockets

  1. […] These expos offer the best of both worlds – they feature items that are often works of art, but they allow those who like them to take them home for a relatively low price (which no art exhibit will give you). For example, this girl in the burgundy coat and matching scarf is selecting a handmade bag. The coolest thing about her coat is the contrasting striped pockets -this coat continues an important 2017 trend! […]

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