Stunning Photography Expo Outfits

It’s photography expo time, and it means a lot of awesome, unique, and boundary-pushing outfits. Below, there are two different outfits with open scarves showcasing long braids flowing down the women’s backs. First comes an all-white outfit (yes, even the scarf)…

whitemanteauopenscarfbraidphotographyexpo, and then comes a red tunic covered with white flower print also worn with an open white scarf and white pants…I would love these for a casual day outfit. There is also an olive green coat on the left paired with a flower-printed silk scarf.


That rhinoceros + bird photo is very cool…I wonder if the rhino let the bird explore in its mouth. The brown striped manteau on the girl looks vaguely poncho-ish, but not quite. I have an open sleeveless burgundy, green, and black striped tunic with fringed edges, and this coat reminds me of it…


The ultimate bad-ass manteau, this coat features a huge back cut-out under which a transparent striped tunic is worn. I have a top in blue with alternating opaque and transparent strips like this. It’s very cool to see this kind of fabric in manteau style!



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