Welcome to Manteaus Daily. Manteaus are glamorous and rebellious tight body-hugging coats or tunics or shirt dresses. They are a distinctly European outfit, based on the British and French trench coat. However, in the last 5 years, they have become a Middle Eastern, specifically Iranian/Persian, symbol of freedom, love for democracy, and the proud and defiant desire of women to represent themselves as fully sexual human beings.

As a young woman who has experienced life in a dictatorial country (in Europe, not in the Middle East, but still) up close and is proud to have lived in a free Western country for most of her life, I simply adore looking at this fashion and love to express the ideas behind it through my own style. I love ANY defiant fashion- my three major influences are L.A./San Fernando Valley sexual culture, NYC hip-hop culture, and of course, the manteau culture. I own more than 20 different types of tunics that mimic some of the more fitted manteaus, all bought here.

This blog is the only place where those who love to wear this fashion or to look at women that do can get their fix.  I may also post some pics of myself wearing my own version of this fashion (mine is even more tight fitting than the Persian style, involves the wearing of low baseball caps with scarves on shoulders rather than scarves on the head OR wearing a hood or snood pushed back on the head, and is much more hip-hop influenced).

Almost every day I will post a picture from my huge collection of manteau style photos. I’d love to post some of my own manteau pics up here, but I will have to blur the face out, for privacy reasons (not because I’m afraid of men, but because I don’t want anti-manteau, anti-woman fanatics knowing what I look like! I love it when men look at me…LOL… although perhaps, my husband would find this not so funny. Well, as long as people just look, I won’t stop them..just don’t touch! 🙂

Enjoy Manteaus Daily  and please show your support for all Western values-seeking movements worldwide!




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  1. Hello Shorty,
    I came across your your website 2 days ago and I was really delighted with the pictures. I live in England near London. I adore Iranian women. I think hijab styles look very pretty and cute. When the scarf or maghneah slips back it is very exciting to see the the hair which you are not supposed to see in Iran. One part of me is shocked and says: “please don`t remove your scarf! ” and the other half of me feels excited when it comes off. I also like to see women in a chador or strict maghnaeh with no hair showing. I just think what would happen when they go to a party and take off the hijab and reveal fashionable hair style and modern clothes. Very shocking but also exciting. I respect women and am sensitive to their feelings. I would like to have an Iranian woman as a friend. Shorty I would be very happy if you would send me an e-mail. Do you have any thoughts about what I said? (I like 17th Century mens fashion. Long hair and great clothes ( The Three Musketeers or King Charles 1st). Please send me an e-mail. best wishes from

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment, I really like what you have to say for the site, but I am not in Iran nor am I Iranian. I like the manteau fashion for its social and sexual rebellious significance and as a protest gesture. Also, I am not single 🙂 Sorry for any misunderstandings.

    • Ian, thank you for your blog visits and your comments, but I am not Iranian- I am merely showing solidarity with the Iranian pro-democracy movement and the fashion they adopt. If you read the article, you will see that I come from a similar background and can understand what living in such a country means. However, I unfortunately do not have addresses or names of the girls in the pics. I post them as fashion inspirations to inspire myself and others, as well as to show them that Western women, despite whatever propaganda from whatever side you hear, support the pro-democracy movements (including the Green movement, but not limited to it) and want their country to be a free democratic superpower, the “European country of the MIddle East”. Through posting the manteau photos, I bring awareness to those who may believe media-perpetuated stereotypes.
      Sorry, but I cannot give out any emails here, as this blog may be watched by representatives of certain groups due to its pro-democracy content.
      Thanks again

  2. Where Can One buy those beautiful scarfs with persian calligraphy printed on? I think I saw a pic with girls wearing those…loved them! Can one buy abroud or just in iran?
    the girls on this video r wearing them :

    • Hi Yas,
      When I click on the link, the video doesn’t work. It says it is only available to people living in Sweden. Is there another link for this video? Also, is it in English?
      shorty xx

  3. Oh such a shame, i really loved it. I have been googling it but couldnt find any site who shows it…but i did find a shortage of the program on youtube! Its better than nothing, but its about clothes in Iran, and shows the different styles n manteaus, and the girls r sooo beautiful in their clothes!

    • Thank you for the video. It’s very cool, with some nice outfits featured. I will do a post in the future with some videos of manteau fashions I found on Youtube, and I will definitely include this 1.

  4. The Manteaus has nothing to do with “sexual revolution” it is part of the Iranian culture. It has nothing to with European fashion or trying to show of one’s sexuality. Iran’s neighbour Pakistan wear the salawr kameez which is similar to the Iranian Manteaus.

    Stop fantasising and try to educate yourself about it!

    Ignorance today.

    • Manteau is a FRENCH word meaning COAT. Trench coats and silk scarves are NOT Iranian traditional clothes (only chador and the regional clothing worn in the provinces are, and even chador is questionable as it is an Arabic item originally with some modifications). Silk scarves and fitted tunics were huge in Europe and US in the 1950s and 1960s- look at Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. Manteau style (it is not just a coat, it is a whole STYLE, make-up, scarf fashion, hairstyles, EVERYTHING- this is what I am trying to show) is a response to oppressive traditional dress codes instituted by the IRI regime after 1979. These codes attempt to humiliate and desexualize women and turn them into slaves and wretches. Manteau uplifts and emancipates women.

      This is THE only time I am responding to your hate comments, though I believe in freedom of speech, unlike the regime in Iran, and will leave your comments for all enlightened, intelligent people to laugh at!

      • The head scarf is part of the Iranian culture andso is the chadour. Yes, woman are required to cover up and yes SOME girls rebel by wearing tighter mantues and showing more hair , but they do it for political reasons not because they want to start a “Sexual revolution”. The mantues mau be french but the style of wearing trousers and long shirts is a culture in Iran,Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Go look into the cultural clothes of nomads and villagers in that part of the world. The Iranian mantues is just a modern version of their cultural clothing that goes with the dress code they need to abide.

        No wonder Americans are seens a fools everywhere they go! Your so ignorant about Iranian culture and the people. Go ahead and post pictures of mantes but stop making up your own theory and conclusion and stop with the whole “our culture is way superior and “free” than everyone else” attitude the world hates!

  5. Anyone posting troll comments from now on will be banned! DO NOT TROLL this blog! DO NOT make racial statements or bait me to attempt to reveal my location! DO NOT insult freedom-seeking, democratic movements. If you expose yourself as a hater of democracy, then no more words are needed towards you!

    ONCE AGAIN, anyone trolling will be BANNED. GOT THAT?

  6. Hi, I’m an Iranian girl living in Iran,
    I wanna know do you find these photos by googling or these girls themselves send their photos to you ?

    • Hi Elly,
      thank you for visiting the blog. No one has emailed their photos to me as of yet. I have found them through Google search, Skyscrapercity, news photos such as AFP, GettyImages, as well as websites such as Yahoo360 and Tooring360 (now defunct) and even some blogs.
      Hope I helped,

  7. Hi, firstly i LOVE your blog!!!!!
    and i was just wondering if you now any shops or stores (not online)in London which sell manteaus??
    Thank you veryy much!! 😛

    • Hi Niloofar,
      Thank you for your comment. In terms of UK/European stores, I think H&M, Topshop, Asos.com, New Look carry manteau-style tunics (and circle scarves/snoods!) very often. Three of my 5 snoods come from Asos.com and New Look, in fact.
      Hope I helped,
      shorty xx

  8. Hi!I really enjoy your blog as I love fashion and I think It’s fascinating to see how women from different countries perceive the idea of style!I’m Greek and currently my parents work as diplomats in Iran so I’m planning to visit Tehran in November and I would be really grateful if you could help me with some questions about my trip!Adapting to a completely different dress code is quite challenging I must admit,but respecting the country’s laws and culture is very important for me.So,I would like to know:
    1)Firstly,what kind of weather and temperatures should I expect in November in Tehran?
    2)Is it ok if I wear a long coat or a trench coat instead of a manteau or it is considered rude if the coat is without buttons and not closed all the way up so clothes underneath are visible?
    3)Can I wear a simple black full length cotton dress with long sleeves or the manteau is compulsory over the dress?
    4)Is make up such as lipstick or nail polish allowed?

    ps:If you have any other advice or tip I would more than glad to hear it!
    Thank you in advance for your time and excuse me if some of my questions sounded quite naive! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


    • Michaela,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments.

      I have to tell you that I have never been to Iran and cannot answer all of your questions. The clothing I post is some of the most edgy and rebellious clothing worn there- it is not necessarily what everyone wears, but it is what the young and globalized people wear. I will try to answer some of your questions below from my knowledge of manteau style and North Tehran that I have gained through photos and articles.

      1) Unfortunately, I cannot really say what it’s like in November. I know it snows in Tehran in the winter at least once (somewhere between Dec- Feb). I think autumn and spring there are around 15-18 degrees Celsius and may be rainy.

      2). Trench coat that buttons up is fine- many manteaus I post on here are trench coats. Manteaus without closures are very big right now (see thetehrantimes.tumblr.com for some of the most avant-garde styles- open waterfall cardigans or completely open tunics); however, some of the reactionary groups in society don’t like them.

      3) Black (or any other color) dresses worn over skinny jeans or even over tights/leggings instead of pants is another style that is huge right now. The leggings are from time to time attacked by same reactionary “morality police” groups though, so it’s probably safer to wear the dresses over jeans. Please search my blog for “Dress Manteau” category to see how it looks.

      4) Make-up is ok, nail polish is ok too- they used to be opposed, but not so much anymore. I wouldn’t advise very flashy make-up like some of my “Northern style” posts show though.

      I hope I helped in some way, and thank you for your comments again,


  9. Hi, I love the manteaus in these pics. I too would like to start wearing them but the problem is that I’m from India (Bombay) and these are not available here. I know a few iranians who make trips to Iran and get their manteaus from there. I would like to know how am I to get my hands on these beautiful coats? I am dying to own a few and even gave a few designs to some local tailors but they just are not able to get it right. If you know of any stores which sell these online and can deliver to India or even stores in India please let me know!

    • Hello,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I am not really sure what stores in India would sell coats like this, as I do not live there. A lot of people I know who are of Indin/South Asian descent complement my tunics and sometimes even wear similar ones, but I am not sure what stores they buy them in…some get them as gifts from relatives.
      In terms of “global” stores, I would check Forever 21, H&M, and possibly something like Zara. Check their sites for “tunics” or “shirt dresses”-those are your best bet.

      Glad you like the blog!

      shorty x

  10. Your blog is a window to Iran. Women who are forced to cover up and people who are governed into what to wear and what not to wear, the government regulates individual freedom down to clothing, and yet, women find a way of putting their own expression out there, no matter how oppressed, a little hint of colour/makeup/smile/style and in some cases, amazing creations
    and yes it is a part of the Iranian sexual revolution. Clothing is a political matter for women in every society. This is a good blog. Keep going, I just discovered you and I want to see more.

    • Thank you so much for your comments! Comments are like this is, indeed, why this blog exists!!!! There is lots more to come! 🙂

  11. dear ms Moaveni
    my thanks goes to you for providing such a blog to debate and ofcourse challenge what a woman outfit should be?and why?
    but I need your help in a different way.well,as a man and ofcourse firstly as an Iranian husband I have problems accepting what my wife wears when she goes outside.you know like many others she likes wearing leggings with short and tight manteaus. everyday we have a row here.

    can you help me how to accept the fact that the women have the right to wear what they like or to wear outfits which makes them look sexy to others.? I really cant change my mind alone

    thanks in advance

    • 1) Sorry, I am not Azadeh Moaveni _ I just reposted a lot of her articles! 🙂

      2) I think your wife, as all women in the world, should have a right to express herself as she sees fit through her fashion. The only reason why someone could criticize one’s clothing is if they are wearing something ill-fitting to their body type, or dirty or ripped or just very inappropriate for the occasion (eg. ripped jeans and a t-shirt to a luxurious evening dinner). This blog is partially DESIGNED for men as well- so that they could accept the true manteau style and to understand that wearing it gives a sense of joy and freedom to women. This is where THE WORLD is going in the 21st century. If you want to be a modern person, this is where you will most likely be going as well.

  12. Hi, your blog is really delightfull, women wearing such outfeet as headscarf and manteau are looking gorgeus. I hope you will not object if I post a link to your blog in my website dedicated to women wearing headscarf. And I would also ask you to send to my mail a pair archives containg pics of glamourous iranina girls as contribution to picture gallery in my site.
    Thank you in advance

  13. Came across this blog today by accident! Love it! Although I would have been more sarcastic han you are, nontheless I enjoyed every picture, every comment, etc. Good job!

    • Hi Amee,

      Thank you so much! This is why this blog is here- for people to enjoy it and admire the fashion.

      shorty 🙂

  14. Hello,

    I just thought i’d comment to thank you for the efforts you put into it. I really enjoy looking at and reading your posts (as a male). Please keep it going and best wishes to you!

    Alex x

  15. Do you know where I would be able to find manteaus in the US? (I’m sorry if you have already answered this question…I am new to this site)…Thanks! Asadeh

    • Hi Asadeh,

      I am not sure exactly…in US as well as in other countries, many stores do carry things that look like manteaus, such as long tunics or the newest trend= the maxi tee (long t-shirt or tank top with slits going up the sides)..H&M or Forever 21 would be good for those, as these are worldwide stores. You can also buy similar items in discount stores….they have different names in different areas, but the concept is the same.

      Thank you for visiting the blog!

      shorty x

  16. Dear Shorty,

    I love reading your almost daily posts. I nominated you for the “Liebster Award”, a blog award from bloggers for other bloggers. If you’d like to take the nomination, just go to the page and then answer the questions on your blog 🙂 Then post some own questions for the next one an nominate some blog you adore. 🙂 That’s it. Here’s the page: http://wp.me/p68OVf-7i

    Oh, and you can have the picture (or any award image you find, there are lots of it) and pin it somewhere of course ^^

    xoxo Pari

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