Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos – Part III

Part I, Part II

This part of the set mostly features close-up photos…like this one of a red manteau with multicolored threading throughout and (yes!) a white baseball cap over a burgundy scarf…this style is still rare, but it’s useful when one is painting and needs to put hair out of the way.  The horse on the egg is quite intricate and requires much concentration, which would not happen without that cap…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 16X«A™PIú

A silk scarf tied behind the head (turban-style) is also highly useful when one is painting…that’s why it is worn this way with the pink and white linen striped manteau.


An inventive half and half manteau (multicolored rhombus print on top, navy blue with tassels on the bottom) is paired with a simple, black snood…


Finally, here is a grey and blue plaid coat in close-up…


..and in full view- and the black scarf it is paired with is fully open- a long ponytail flows down the woman’s back….love it!




Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos – Part II

(Part I)

Continuing with the egg painting set, we find a classic combination – navy blue coat and red scarf…against as back drop of spring-like flowers blooming and birds chirping…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 4

An open waterfall cardigan over an ikat-print top has made it here too…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 6

..and so did the eternal staple of this festival- plaid manteaus! Here is one in blue and white, worn with an open purple scarf through which red hair flows out the back proudly. The red, black, and white tree branch design on the egg has a cool, Japanese-inspired vibe, while the knight and horse on the green egg in the background look very artistic!

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 11

Finally, here is a beautiful red and white shirt manteau, worn by a girl painting a little bird house in a blue sky…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 2

…and now in full view…An interesting detail of this outfit is the black (or navy blue??) cuffs on the coat. The brown boots (slightly Timberland-inspired) are very cool too (and can you see the blue and white coat from 2 photos up?).

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 14X«A™PIú

Part III is coming soon…

Epic Egg Painting Festival Set- Part I

This year, the egg painting festival photo set has outdone itself…yes, there are even more outfits than in 2017. I believe this is also because, this year, the festival was not just in Tehran but in other locations as well….

The festival staple is the scarf tied behind the ears- to make it easier to paint, of course, but it also becomes a defiant and cool gesture…This girl, for example, wears a purple scarf tied behind the ears…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 12-¬Aˆ.

…and a cool grey open cardigan with puffy sleeves over a brown and white plaid shirt (matching the brown boots?) and olive green pants. The egg itself is white and blue, with a red bird on it (???).

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 34—²A¶€.ÐÜ

The egg here is stunning- jet black with a huge pink flower on it…and, while the black scarf here is worn in a more typical way, the purple plaid manteau is refreshingly different.

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 13-¬Aˆ.

Those who cannot draw as beautifully are watching from the sidelines…including this girl in an all-black outfit paired with bright pink sneakers.

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 21—²A¶€.ÐÜ

…finally, another scarf behind the ears in rich burgundy, worn with a red and white plaid manteau- this leaves us with 3 of the 4 outfits being plaid!

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 8

More plaid outfits and other egg painting photos are coming soon…

Unbuttoned Denim Manteau and Silver Painted Man

Yes, that is a replica Milad Tower (lit up in lovely blue) behind the woman, who is posing in a stunning denim manteau worn unbuttoned to show off a black printed top and a blue scarf pushed back to show off the woman’s hair, neck, and lipstick. Surprisingly enough, this is a repeat of a 2016 photo, which also involved a silver-painted human sculpture standing next to a woman in a stylish denim manteau.


Flower Shopping in Fringy Paisley Scarf

This woman is buying beautiful white and blue flowers- so perfect for spring! The paisley scarf with log fringes on the edges is especially intriguing- it goes well with her white manteau and red top underneath, it’s tied low to show off hair, and it’s yet another throwback to the amazing vintage fringy  (and even the paisley scarves) of 2005-07!