Visual Art Festival Styles

The styles are, of course, very cutting-edge…and there  is even a “coat with skirt” outfit in the set! The two outfits below are fairly minimalist, especially the all-black one (the blue-and-grey color-block one too, though..), but that red embroidered installation overshadows any outfit you put next to it….


The hunter green metallic sweater is…amazing! It’s extremely difficult to find this color and texture for a top, but a favorite local store did not let me down. The grey sleeveless cape and circle scarf draped low look great, but I wish I could see the full outfit.  Yes,this girl is posing as if she is holding hands with the man in the installation- so cute!


Another installation composed of rows upon rows of transparent bubble balls warrants a cool outfit too..right? The white textured manteau with a fur collar is worn with black leggings and ankle boots…and a red printed scarf tied not very low but still showing hair.


This part of the venue has lovely deep red walls…and there are 3 awesome outfits here. This is where the “coat with skirt”outfit is present in the center (involving a fully open beige manteau, brown skirt, red scarf, and brown and beige tall boots), which is my favorite here. There are also 2 nice “coat with pants” outfits, but they are not as unique, of course..




Red Open Sweater Coat, a Car Dealership, and a Burger

This casual yet stylish outfit, involving a red open sweater coat, grey pants and scarf, and black boots, is worn in a couple of classical North Tehran settings- first, while the girl is walking past a luxury car dealership featuring BMWs in the window..and even a motorcycle on the sidewalk!


The girl then enters a fast food restaurant, which serves what else but..burgers! (See an extensive article on Northern burger joints here). This photo also shows a close-up of her scarf, which has tiny white pin dots on it.


Indie Manteau Style 2017

I have had a few posts of indie/hipster manteau style over the years (such as this), but I have not seen many of them in a while…finally, here are 3 outfits from 2017 that prove that indie manteau style is alive and doing great! I can see that plaid shirts are still a staple of this style, as are bright whimsical colors, like the yellow of the scarf and the turquoise of the earrings. This is also one of the very few outfits on the blog featuring dreadlocks… and the only one so far featuring a huge tasseled-comb-like brooch.


Some contemporary trends are part of the 2017 indie styles as well- for example, the black and white ikat print on the tunic worn by the woman on the left (her burgundy open coat is fastened by a rainbow pin) ad the flower applique on an open marled grey coat worn with high-waist jeans by the woman on the right (another indie staple).



Styles from the Selfie Expo

I still have a couple of random photos left from 2017, but other than those, this set is the last major photo set for 2017! It’s truly a “sign of the times”- these outfits come from a photo expo dedicated to selfies. Below is a lovely long beige manteau worn with a dark red scarf, black leggings, and yellow boots with brown inserts (reminds me of the famous Timberland boots…).


That beige coat is still visible in the background, while a shorter beige coat takes the stage, as the woman adjusts her blue scarf framing magnificent hair.


This outfit is nice but very dark- long black coat, grey pants, olive green scarf…it’s a bit too much for me, and I love to wear all-black.


The most amazing outfit and a fitting closure to the set is this shiny dark gold manteau, worn with a black snood pushed back to show burgundy hair, jeans rolled up above the ankle, and black boots.



2 Short Black Coats Next to a Motorcycle

The girls are not actually on the motorcycle in question- it is just sitting in the foreground. Both wear short black manteaus, although only the one on the left is visible and is worn over a navy blue coat (that is quite short itself) and a matching snood. The coat on the right is also partially covered by a faded blue and pink pashmina.



Christmas Shopping 2017 – Part III

Here is the final part of the epic Christmas shopping 2017 set…I like the outfit on the left- the open scarf, the leggings, the ribbed white sleeves underneath the black sleeveless coat- it’s awesome! The open red parka with the tall boots and pushed-back snood is cool too…


I love how the printed scarf is pushed back to show blond hair..however, the rrst of the pic is dark, and the outfit is not very visible…


Looks like the girl in the green parka is wearing a rarity- navy blue snood!


Love the open grey coat, the pushed-back black embroidered scarf,  the classy flat shoes…and the little girl’s amazing outfit!


Finally, this olive green “urban combat” manteau is worn with black high-heel boots- fitting for a glamorous Christmas!



Burgundy, Purple and Beige in the Rain

Nice to see some super-stylish outfits in the warm rain showers…this burgundy velvet coat with a paisley applique on the hem is unique, and the woman even found matching sneakers to go with it- now that’s rare! Some manteau style staples are present here too- the white Burberry plaid scarf and black leggings.


This classic purple trench coat is worn with blue sneakers and a grey scarf framing red hair…however, these are just skinny black pants, not leggings.


Finally, a super-stylish outfit- a black snood tucked into the collar of a sophisticated short beige jacket with two rows of black buttons over a (just slightly longer) black manteau and skinny jeans. In fact, at some angles, it looks like the girl is wearing legwarmers because of how tapered the jeans are at the ankles!