Luxe Life and Cat

I found some “luxury life” photos focusing on North Tehran luxury life recently. The majority of the photos are of villas and parties, and, therefore, fall outside of the scope of this blog…but there are some manteaus there, too….like this one…a gorgeous all-black outfit, surprisingly subtle and beautiful make-up (even winged eyeliner!), and….a beautiful white and red cat! Always a pleasure to see love and compassion for animals combined with gorgeous fashions…



Black, White, and Blush on the Street

The outfit on the left is a classical all-black student outfit (except for the grey sneakers..but a backpack is included!), but the outfit on the right is not a student outfit at all and is certainly ambitious…The short-sleeve manteau is of a light blush pink shade, while underneath it is a white long-sleeved top and another top (t-shirt? sleeveless?) in black with white letters on it. The navy blue scarf is pushed far back by sunglasses and is semi-transparent.


Fuzzy and Stylish at the Car Show

I only have two photos from this car show, but both outfits are pretty stylish…like this black coat is short to accentuate the hips, the pants are cut-off, and the dark green scarf shows off platinum blond hair….


…while this gorgeous black and white fuzzy sweater coat looks divinely soft with black leggings and ankle boots. The car next to this woman is a U5 Luxgen, which is a Taiwanese brand…learned something new!


4 Exquisite Manteaus -2 Views

Not only are these stylish coats incredibly exquisite, but they are also shown in two views- front and side! These styles have it all – all-black outfit, leggings, scarves and snoods, all pushed back….plus a navy blue coat with brown leather belt (somewhat like this black and brown coat, perhaps?)….and..


…two beige manteaus with patterns on them – one with ikat panels on the sides and high slits, the other with some words printed on the back…unfortunately, I cannot see what the words are.


Olive Green Parka Coat at Photo Expo

The close-up shows a typical winter outfit- an olive green parka coat with a white fur collar and a grey scarf through which long auburn hair flows…


…but the full view of this outfit from a photo expo shows just how cool it is- it is one of the very few manteau style outfits with Timberland boots! This hip-hop-inspired item is a rarity on this blog and is highly prized by me!