Victorious in White Asymmetrical Coat and Leggings

This white asymmetrical coat with yellow edging is only seen from the back, so I cannot say for sure whether it is an open waterfall cardigan or not. Worn with black leggings and shoes and a black scarf with gold and pink zigzag-patterned scarf, this coat is accompanied by not one but two victory signs! I think that is a rather fitting companion to the previous post, don’t you?



Purple + Green = Win

In the past few years, the amount of amazing photos I could find for this blog has increased hugely….now that means that something is right. Yes, every day now, I find an average of 2 photos a DAY!

The photo showcases all 4 elements of what brings that attitude:

  1. Green ribbon
  2. Purple ribbon
  3. Victory sign
  4. Key


Let’s get it!

Vintage-Inspired Styles From the Miniature Garden

I believe that the last 2 photos are from North Tehran’s famous Art Garden, which has a “miniature landmarks” section (as was seen once here). ..I am not certain because there may be some other places with similar gardens. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a woman there wearing a black fringy scarf and jeans cut above the ankle, just like the 2005-07 vintage outfits!


In another section of the same garden, a navy blue trench coat with grommets down the front is worn with cut-off jeans…yet another vintage style staple and one that is awesome to see.


From Green to Fuzzy at the Bazaar

The two outfits below are from the famous downtown Tehran bazaar and are as different as they can be…one is an olive green waterproof raincoat worn with a bright green scarf and a green sweater (excellent color combination, by the way!)…


..while the other is a super-fuzzy black and white patterned sweater worn with a blue patterned scarf. I have a soft spot for fuzziness of all kinds, so this outfit wins a smile from me.


Red Sleeveless Coat and Summer Hat

I LOVE the big summer floppy hats….it’s that 1970s counterculture vibe to the fullest! However, it’s rare to see them with manteau styles, but they do occasionally crop up, mostly in vintage shots like this one. Against a background of some cool wooden gates in a park, a girl in a red sleeveless patterned manteau and a pink scarf wears exactly such a hat- this one even has wavy edges to make it look like a flower! With the blue-rimmed cats-eye shades and red hair showing, this outfit actually has a bit of a vintage (2003-2005) manteau style vibe to it..


Green Coat and Umbrella, Resort-Style

By itself, the outfit is not super-memorable, although the bright green hue of the coat brings a smile to my face…and also, I am not sure why she is wearing sunglasses in the rain, but that is a whole different story. However, the beautiful scenery behind the woman makes all the difference – the palm trees and the Californian-styled red-roofed building let you know this is a Caspian resort. In fact, the building is the city hall of Rasht, which is the biggest city in the Caspian region.