Denim Coat, Grey Waterfall Cardigan, and Three Dogs

The fact there are 3 dogs in the photo suggests that these ladies may be dog walkers…or maybe, they are just proud enthusiasts who adore dogs. Either way, it’s great to see this sight, especially against a small convenience store – this is a Northern visual for sure. The manteaus look nice too, from the faded denim coat (worn with a pink pashmina and jeans) to the grey waterfall cardigan worn with a red and grey scarf.



Nature Bridge – Selfies and Beyond

What would a summer be without a great set of photos from the Nature Bridge? First is a selfie (with selfie stick even) of a cool black manteau with what seems like white edging on the sleeves and a beige scarf framing dark hair…


..then comes a gorgeous view of North Tehran and a couple checking their cell phone- perhaps, they just took a selfie…the girl is rocking a denim coat with two faded areas that are positioned in a surprisingly eye-catching way.



Looking at the view is a beautiful girl in a beige belted manteau worn with a dark burgundy scarf showing off lots of hair…


…but that scarf is nothing compared to this fully open pink scarf 0- blond hair flows proudly down the back of this girl’s beige manteau and no one, NO ONE, can do a thing about it! I love to see this, especially against that classic Northern view.


Two Outfits from the Medical Product Expo

This is a fitting post for me, as I work in the pharmaceutical industry and today, am going to a seminar on some new developments in one of the fields I am involved with. When I see those cases with the soft foam padding, it makes me remember working in the lab, where many small instruments are kept in such cases to prevent scratches/fractures…and when I see the olive green manteau and the black flat shoes with the flower bows, it makes me remember my old olive green tunic when I would often wear in that time and some shoes I had before. Of course, this outfit is made even more cool by the leggings and the open olive scarf showing off long red hair!


This all-black outfit from the same medical products expo is accessorized with a bright yellow and black paisley-printed scarf which shows off a very hip-hop-inspired braided hairstyle- now that is a classical “bad-ass” manteau style.


Watching Slackline in Park

I have never heard of slackline walking before this photo….but it seems that it’s trendy nowadays, and this is the first time a slackliner has appeared on the blog. He himself is wearing some rebellious fashions, including printed shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and a ponytail! In keeping with the blog, though, he is being watched by 3 girls in stylish manteaus, one of which is a bit hard to see (the one on the right worn by the girl in the pushed-back snood). The other two are more easily discerned and have classical prints – black and white plaid and leopard print (my favorite, of course)!


The Mega Book Fair Set – Part VI

This set is opened and closed by two amazing outfits….look below, and you’ll see what I mean. I have never seen a satin shiny coat with a pleated skirt like this before…and in that classic “urban combat” color, olive green, too! The black snood and beige pants go well with the olive color of the coat. I actually bought an olive green satin-finish bomber jacket myself, and I love it.


Next are two photos of girls reading on the lawns outside the book fair…one in a denim manteau with a red scarf generously showing lots of hair, black pants, and blue sneakers…


..and the other in a turquoise coat, black pants and sneakers, and blue scarf, which shows brown hair with turquoise streaks in it- very cool! I love the punk rock manteau style!


These two women, in blue and black coats and snoods (looks like student outfits) are posing by a billboard explaining about Michele Serra. I had no idea who he is until I saw this photo- you learn something new every day!


Finally, the set is closed out by two awesome outfits…one of which is even cooler than the other. I am speaking about the manteau with multiple panels of course- blue and white stripes, light blue and green stripes, and even solid grey sections. The burgundy coat with embroidery on the pockets is nice of course, but the striped coat (and the camouflage sneakers with which it is worn) is really the star of this set.


Flower Expo Fashions

Some years, the flower expo yields tons of photos. This year, it seems to be not as many as usual (perhaps, because it was dwarfed by the multitude of awesome book fair outfits). Still, there were plenty of nice outfits at the flower expo…as you can see here.

Selfie sticks are ubiquitous at the flower expo, as in this photos of a blue manteau and pink flower-printed scarf with some black curls flowing out the front.


A fitted navy blue and white polka dot tunic is worn with very fitted grey jeans and a black scarf draped low- perfect manteau style on display!

نمایشگاه بین المللی گل و گیاه 27}®IFA

These champagne-colored roses are very beautiful…and seem to match the woman’s manteau, covered with a pin dot print. The silk scarf tied low shows off beautifully highlighted hair and classy make-up.


The last couple of years, there has been an outdoor component to the flower expos. The following two photos were taken at the outdoor portion of the expo. A beige jacket is worn over a black coat; however, the scarf (pushed very far back and basically showing the entire hairstyle – yes!!) and the jeans are blue, and the shoes are burgundy.


This black coat with embroidered shoulders reminds me of the last manteau from the previous book fair post. This one is worn with jeans, ankle boots, and a grey scarf pushed back.


Best otufit of the flower expo is, hands down, this amazing white sweater with black print, a blush pink scarf draped loosely over red hair, and..yes….a diamond nose stud! Now, that is a selfie worth celebrating.