The Best Outfit of the Year?

I think this is a contender for sure, if not THE best. Coming from a rather obscure book fair, this outfit features a plaid skirt, a long beige sweater with a burgundy top underneath (matching the girl’s crimson lipstick!), black leggings, and black studded ankle boots. This look is absolutely stunning and is very special to me.



Color Block Manteau in the Park

This affectionate couple is hugging by a lake in a park, which immediately earns high marks from me…but I also love the woman’s bright color block manteau- yellow, red, pink, and blue are all represented here, as well as the more subdued black of her pants, ankle boots, and scarf.


Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping

I found these 2 photos a while after Valentine’s Day..and yes, the one below does show a pretty red heart balloon! It also shows an open black manteau with rhombus buttons over a beige top (or sweater) and an ombre scarf pushed very far back..


…while this photo does not show any specific V-Day accessories, it has a cool outfit consisting of a brown manteau with a black puffy short jacket over it, a matching brown scarf, and jeans…


Look like this year, Valentine’s Day was a bit more subdued, but it also looks like it was more successful than in some years, which is great!

The Contemporary Manteau Part II

The second part of this 2018 set showcases even more brilliant styles..such as the ubiquitous black parka coat…


..and, yes, those beige and brown Timberland-style boots are back (they have appeared this year already here), worn with a beige manteau with black bows on the cuffs and what I can only describe as one of the wildest hairstyles ever posted here! A scarf+snood combination is also present on the woman wearing the burnt orange manteau.


Urban combat in all its glory, with stunning black fur-covered boots (I own similar ones, and they are VERY pricey, even on sale), is juxtaposed with the classic “black coat and jeans ensemble”, albeit worn with an open beige scarf from which a long red braid flows proudly.


Finally, the silk printed scarf tied low and the stylish fur-hooded striped parka make an appearance…both are great!


The Contemporary Manteau Part I

This 2018 set offers a beautiful, broad overview of the contemporary manteau style- sort of like those 2003-05 vintage posts but completely up to date….just check out this back view of a super-fashionable couple, with his red suit jacket and her black ruffle-edged open scarf through which long blond hair flows so beautifully…


Other contemporary staples abound, such as this black puffy vest, worn open over a grey knit coat, and a fully open printed scarf…


..or this open beige manteau worn over a black and gold printed top…


…or another open manteau, in grey, worn with a beautiful bright turquoise scarf.


The second part will showcase even more rebellious and glamorous styles (not all of them, but the most common ones…).

Fur-Edged Cape Strikes Again!

So, the beautiful black cape/poncho with the beige furry collar and cuffs from this post appears again- this time, you can see it in all its glory, and this time, it is worn with beige everything- pants, Ugg-style boots, and scarf. The woman proudly holds the man by the arm, while he is listening to music in his earphones- I wonder what music it is…


Spring 2018 Manteau Styles

It’s that time of year again-  time to check out spring manteau fashions. From looking at the 3 photos below, I can see a few trends..and they are as follows:

1). Texture- both black coats and the olive green coat have a quilt-like texture (definitely ridged, not smooth)

2) Appliques – as seen on sky blue manteau with black flower appliques on the chest and sleeves

3) Contrasting, patterned pockets – this is a 2017 trend that is still going strong.


4). Monochromatic coats with rhinestones on them- both black coats have the rhinestones on the chest in different patterns. The other coats are burgundy and cobalt blue fabric and grey tweed, and all coats in this photo appear to be longer (below the knee).


5). Ambitious insert-style manteau- beige and black manteau has  a high-low-hemmed black front section inserted into the beige/peach body of the coat.

6). Peach color – one of my favorite colors for clothing, it appears in 3 coats in the photo.

7) Shoulder pads – appear in two coats (flower printed ones on the peach coat 2nd from right and more abstractly printed ones on the black coat to the left of it).



Sorry for the unattractive mannequins in the last 2 photos…the outfits are lovely though!