Some New Dress Manteau Styles

I love both of these outfits since both prove that the dress manteau continues to stay popular…but both have weird elements to them that I just cannot comprehend. For example, the beautiful leopard print dress manteau below is truly gorgeous and even looks great with the dark green scarf…but what is up with those turquoise bow sandals with black socks????


Below is an almost all-green outfit with a stunning sleeveless military-style dress manteau, scarf framing dark hair, bracelets, and even nail polish! However, why on Earth would this lady wear white canvas shoes with flower print patterns? Those shoes are extremely uncomfortable, from my personal experience..and do not go with the “urban combat” vibe of the outfit at all.



Red Printed Dress Manteau at the Glass Museum

The stylish, beautifully lit up displays of glass vases are just as gorgeous as the red dress manteau with white flower print all over and what looks like a white lace insert at the neck. The manteau is worn with black leggings and a matching red scarf and some interesting shoes – it looks like they are black with gold accents, but unfortunately, the photo is a bit dark, so it is hard to say for sure.


Manteaus and Robots

For anime fans like myself, this post is a dream come true…..for the first time ever, behold….manteau styles against a background of giant robots! These are from a robotics expo, and the first one features a black manteau with yellow inserts on the sleeves, black leggings and sandals, and a fuchsia scarf. The “724 club” logo refers to some kind of an app (an Instagram page for it can be found here).


The beige dress manteau with purple flower patterns (paired with a pushed-back purple scarf) is stunning. There is also a navy blue coat with a classic pushed-back snood in the background…and a giant robot called Havit. I tried to search for this name, but I only found a company in Hong Kong that produces computer accessories, headphones, and the like…could this be theirs?


Posing by the Waterfall

The waterfall shown here looks similar to the one from this post; however, it is not the same fact, the waterfall here is Ganj Nameh and it is in the Hamedan area. The fashions here are meant for selfies, which means they are great- specifically the puffy-sleeved cranberry red manteau worn with a bright red long-sleeve top and a turquoise-green scar that is worn open to show hair. I like the man’s shirt too with its funny logo – “Young” and then “#madboys” – this is the first time there has been a hashtag logo on the blog!


The printed jersey dress manteau is going strong here, in gorgeous black and green, and the green scarf frames dark red hair beautifully. I commend this woman for getting her daughter to put a headband on at that age – from my own experience, they do not all appreciate things on their head! That said, I am not a big fan of headbands on babies anyway…




Checking Out The Painted Eggs

You have seen the multitude of photos from the egg painting it’s time to show the final product of all those days of painting – people actually observing the painted eggs! Just like during the festival itself, the observers wear awesome outfits too!

First, here’s a girl in a navy blue dress manteau over a red long-sleeve top taking a selfie against an egg painted with multiple fish….


Here’s another cool color combination – burgundy manteau, light pink scarf showing off glossy auburn hair, black pants, and blue sneakers…nothing matches, yet everything looks good together.


The next two photos feature the same woman in a short olive green coat and blue scarf, first by herself, posing in front of a beautifully painted egg with gorgeous birds on tree branches…


…and then with another woman wearing a burgundy patterned dress manteau, white scarf with a print on it (showing some red hair), and red pants, taking a selfie. I wonder if these two are mother and daughter..


Finally, here’s an epic red waterfall cardigan with jeweled cuffs on the sleeves…I love it!


Interesting Paintings…and Outfits

I am not sure what kind of paintings are exhibited here…they look contemporary, especially the one with the foot kicking a building below. The clothing styles at this exhibition are just as interesting…perhaps even better than the paintings! This beige parka with the fur-edged hood is worn with black leggings and platform-heeled ankle boots, which is very stylish and cool! The only thing I cannot full discern is her scarf color.


This woman takes a selfie in a blue manteau and black and white printed scarf framing her dark hair next to a painting that is trying to make some kind of religious statement…a wooden figure crucified on a cross? This is definitely the strangest of all the paintings I have posted here.


Behind another strange painting of what looks like many workers pulling something, a woman reads a brochure in a red printed manteau that is most likely being worn as a dress over grey leggings. The blue scarf frames hair hair (aided by the sunglasses pushing it back) very well. I hope she can get a clarification on all those strange paintings from the brochure.