Posing by the Waterfall

The waterfall shown here looks similar to the one from this post; however, it is not the same one..in fact, the waterfall here is Ganj Nameh and it is in the Hamedan area. The fashions here are meant for selfies, which means they are great- specifically the puffy-sleeved cranberry red manteau worn with a bright red long-sleeve top and a turquoise-green scar that is worn open to show hair. I like the man’s shirt too with its funny logo – “Young” and then “#madboys” – this is the first time there has been a hashtag logo on the blog!


The printed jersey dress manteau is going strong here, in gorgeous black and green, and the green scarf frames dark red hair beautifully. I commend this woman for getting her daughter to put a headband on at that age – from my own experience, they do not all appreciate things on their head! That said, I am not a big fan of headbands on babies anyway…




Checking Out The Painted Eggs

You have seen the multitude of photos from the egg painting festival...now it’s time to show the final product of all those days of painting – people actually observing the painted eggs! Just like during the festival itself, the observers wear awesome outfits too!

First, here’s a girl in a navy blue dress manteau over a red long-sleeve top taking a selfie against an egg painted with multiple fish….


Here’s another cool color combination – burgundy manteau, light pink scarf showing off glossy auburn hair, black pants, and blue sneakers…nothing matches, yet everything looks good together.


The next two photos feature the same woman in a short olive green coat and blue scarf, first by herself, posing in front of a beautifully painted egg with gorgeous birds on tree branches…


…and then with another woman wearing a burgundy patterned dress manteau, white scarf with a print on it (showing some red hair), and red pants, taking a selfie. I wonder if these two are mother and daughter..


Finally, here’s an epic red waterfall cardigan with jeweled cuffs on the sleeves…I love it!


Interesting Paintings…and Outfits

I am not sure what kind of paintings are exhibited here…they look contemporary, especially the one with the foot kicking a building below. The clothing styles at this exhibition are just as interesting…perhaps even better than the paintings! This beige parka with the fur-edged hood is worn with black leggings and platform-heeled ankle boots, which is very stylish and cool! The only thing I cannot full discern is her scarf color.


This woman takes a selfie in a blue manteau and black and white printed scarf framing her dark hair next to a painting that is trying to make some kind of religious statement…a wooden figure crucified on a cross? This is definitely the strangest of all the paintings I have posted here.


Behind another strange painting of what looks like many workers pulling something, a woman reads a brochure in a red printed manteau that is most likely being worn as a dress over grey leggings. The blue scarf frames hair hair (aided by the sunglasses pushing it back) very well. I hope she can get a clarification on all those strange paintings from the brochure.


Drinking Tea at Northern Mountain Resort

Even though we cannot see the blue manteau worn by the woman wearing the purple scarf and sitting with her back to the camera, we can still enjoy the lovely black manteau worn with a blue scarf that hugs the woman’s shoulders (mostly, anyway…I love it!). She is wearing very skinny black pants that may well be leggings.  There is also a cool green, black, and grey color-block dress manteau worn by the woman in the loosely draped yellow scarf that also shows off a lot of hair. All of these amazing outfits are being shown off at a classic Northern mountain resort above North Tehran (s0mething like Darband or Darakeh, most likely), where the guests drink tea while sitting on wooden platforms. Shoes are never worn on these platforms, but socks are allowed.


Children’s Toy Expo Styles

It’s always interesting to me to see children’s toys, for obvious reasons of course…and the nice outfits to go with them! This brown manteau has some kind of buckle (looks like amber but could be something else) on the chest and is worn with a beige draped scarf.


This beige sweater coat reminds me of my own all-purpose Irish wool sweater coat- the warmest and best sweater in the world! The red wool scarf looks pretty warm too and still shows off the hair.


I love the white applique on the shoulder of this simple black manteau….the pink scarf does not go with the outfit, however.


An all-black outfit is made brighter by a red scarf and a black and white striped bag.


Yes, it is a dress manteau that mixes polka dot and striped black and white prints and looks awesome! I do not know much about little boys though, but it seems like they love dinosaurs…


Media Expo Outfits – 2016 Edition

I’ve been really busy….finally got some time to post! The last few years, there have been some really awesome media expo outfits (before, it was an expo where stylish outfits were disparaged and/or never shown). This year, I think there has been a record set for the number of awesome outfits….just check out a few, like this short black and white plaid coat for example! The black scarf is pushed back, and the sneakers it is worn with are a cool shade of blue. As for that guy wearing green paint – there were lots of painted “sculptures” at this expo; in fact, there will be a whole post dedicated to them.


I am really enjoying this light pink quilted leather coat and the beautiful pastel silk scarf tied low – so sophisticated!


This red dress manteau is worn with black leggings (or tights?)….and curiously enough, a black jacket and olive green scarf framing around dark hair….interesting combination.


A simple black coat has colorful flower embroidery on the sleeves to make it noticed.


..and here is more interesting color combinations – denim coat worn over a red sweater and a green scarf tucked behind the ears to show auburn hair.


There are 2 more posts coming with even more interesting outfits from the media expo!

Three Outfits at a Very Northern Photo Exhibit

The exhibit at which the photos below were taken is one with a highly Northern focus – photos of the or from the Milad Tower. Of course, you know what that means – great outfits! Below is a blue dress manteau worn with a yellow printed scarf tied low under the chin. The look is vintage but very cool.

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکس برج میلاد 18

Some more modern-looking outfits can be seen below – a long green coat worn with skinny black pants and a black scarf that does not cover much of the woman’s dark hair…and a grey open coat with blue embroidery on the shoulders (and a black pushed-back scarf and black pants as well). I personally prefer the outfits in the 2nd photo, especially the embroidered coat.

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکس برج میلاد 22