Blue and White Zigzag Print Manteau Against a Tiled Palace Wall

This exquisite wall is part of a beautiful tilework display at Golestan Palace in North Tehran, and the manteau is definitely worth it- a stunning blue and white zigzag-printed tunic with jeans and, strangely enough, a bright red scarf.



Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos – Part IV

Part I, Part II, Part III

Some more cool outfits from the egg painting festival can be found below…I am not commenting on the strange figure painted on the egg though. The navy blue shirt on the left is too short to have manteau status, but the half and half coat on the right (featured a satin puffed sleeve on the blue half, combat boots,  and orange socks) does have this status and makes this photo hugely popular.


This beautiful patchwork egg is being painted by a girl in a lovely grey plaid manteau worn with a burgundy scarf…


This all-black otufit is made slightly brighter by a red scarf…and the grey canvas shoes (which were extremely uncomfortable for me)…


…however, this couple, posing by a painted egg for a selfie, looks very relaxed. I love the black, white, and red print on the silk scarf and the fact that this sleeveless manteau combined with purple and green panels on the front will let her learn more directly…




Black and White Striped Cape Manteau and Purple Scarf

This woman  is buying flowers in one of my favorite manteau styles – the cape-like poncho, with holes for the arms, in black and white striped pattern, and, of course, the beautiful fully open scarf in purple. It’s nice to see the capes going strong like they have been doing since 2017 (this is a very similar manteau, with the same arm holes, but in a different color). Of note is that her bag is from Boohoo, which is a famous British online clothing store that ships all over the world (even I have once bought an item there).


Photography Expo – Black and Dark Green

The outfits at this photography expo (the photos themselves seem to be mostly nature shots) are largely black coats of various styles, such as these 2 parkas (worn with boots and scarves showing off lots of hair)….


,,,or this coat with cape-like sleeves, worn with a bright magenta pink, shiny scarf and black leggings.


This manteau is definitely different from the rest, as it seems to be worn as a dress over black leggings or opaque tights and is dark green with beautiful black patterns. Another thing that makes the otufit stand out is the beautiful chocolate brown snood (pushed back, of course)…oh, and of course, those blue-rimmed funky glasses!


Spring 2018 Manteau Styles

It’s that time of year again-  time to check out spring manteau fashions. From looking at the 3 photos below, I can see a few trends..and they are as follows:

1). Texture- both black coats and the olive green coat have a quilt-like texture (definitely ridged, not smooth)

2) Appliques – as seen on sky blue manteau with black flower appliques on the chest and sleeves

3) Contrasting, patterned pockets – this is a 2017 trend that is still going strong.


4). Monochromatic coats with rhinestones on them- both black coats have the rhinestones on the chest in different patterns. The other coats are burgundy and cobalt blue fabric and grey tweed, and all coats in this photo appear to be longer (below the knee).


5). Ambitious insert-style manteau- beige and black manteau has  a high-low-hemmed black front section inserted into the beige/peach body of the coat.

6). Peach color – one of my favorite colors for clothing, it appears in 3 coats in the photo.

7) Shoulder pads – appear in two coats (flower printed ones on the peach coat 2nd from right and more abstractly printed ones on the black coat to the left of it).



Sorry for the unattractive mannequins in the last 2 photos…the outfits are lovely though!

The Giant Photo Expo Set – Part II

The outfits in this part of the set are quite inventive and cool…first, a slightly more conventional grey and black plaid manteau worn with a pushed-back snood and ankle boots…


now for the coolness- how about a red and white polka dot dress manteau worn with a….YES…hat and scarf set, a rare and rebellious feature of winter manteau styles- and in this case, the hat happens to be a red beret showing off a ponytail through the back!


Another cool style involves an open olive green cardigan and an equally open olive green scarf over a beige turtleneck sweater. The red and green striped scarf on the right is pretty too…


…finally, a conventional black coat features a huge red shawl-like collar which is a bold and attention-getting detail. Love it!


The Best for Last – Two Media Expo Outfits

Finally, here are the best two outfits from the media expo- these are truly awesome. The blue manteau looks regular with jeans and a matching scarf, but what a difference that black and silver gothic collar makes! It immediately adds a touch of rebelliousness and..yes, coolness…to the whole outfit.


I thought the sleeveless denim manteau below had ruffles on the collar, but upon closer examination, it is actually a print in the fabric. The fact it worn as a dress with black leggings (or tights??) and an olive green top is certainly awesome, as is the loosely draped scarf.


I enjoyed these outfits very much and wish there were more like this!