Brown Striped Coat at Chandelier Expo

This super-comfortable winter outfit in all brown (except for black leggings) was worn at a chandelier expo. The striped below-the-knee coat and Ugg-style boots are perfect for those cold winter days….



Volleyball in the Park in Black and White Outfit

It’s quite rare to see a volleyball manteau style photo- while I’ve had many photos of girls in lovely manteau styles playing badminton, rollerblading, and biking in parks, this is the first one of a girl playing volleyball. The black and white top has a bit of a hip-hop-inspired feel (maybe, it’s just the style of the writing on the chest) and is worn with a fully open black coat and pushed-back scarf.


Christmas Shopping 2017 – Part II

The second part of the abundant Christmas 2017 set features two outfits from different angles –  this view shows more of the beige shearling jacket worn open over a black manteau….


..while this view shows the other girl’s olive green quilted park, black leggings, and pushed-back snood……


A simple “black manteau + jeans” combination is paired with a mauve scarf…

خرید سال نو میلادی در تهران 7

…while this beige parka is worn with a fully open black scarf showing off gorgeous blond hair…and I love the tall brown boots!

خرید سال نو میلادی در تهران 28Uø@OK›

Detour to Dust Masks

This small post shows some manteaus worn with dust masks during a dust storm (most likely, in Ahvaz, a common site for winter sand storms)…first, behold a beige manteau worn with black leggings and a fully open black scarf. I see a bag full of buns, and I hope the sand storm has not made them inedible.


Second, here is a beautiful denim manteau worn with lighter jeans and a black scarf being used as a dust mask…


..and finally, here are two coats (black and brown) worn with matching snoods, and the brown one is quite a rare sight! The black snood is the only one being used as a dust mask though..



Christmas Shopping 2017 Set – Part I

The monumental Christmas 2017 shopping set begins here…first, here is a simple outfit – plaid manteau with a pushed-back black snood and jeans…


…then an all-grey outfit (except for the faded red sneakers)..


..then an all-black outfit with a pink Burberry plaid scarf (after the classic beige print, the pink plaid is the second most popular)…


..and finally an awesome open beige cardigan worn with bright red pants and bright blue and red striped scarf (the scarf is so long it reaches way below the knee!)…gorgeous style!



Winter 2018 Manteau Styles

I am still wading through the backlog of photos from Christmas 2017 and will be for the next few weeks, it seems…but I do have this awesome photo of 2018 winter manteau trends! As expected, parkas are huge- there is an olive green one and a navy blue is a shearling coat and a classic blue trench. Furry details are very popular, including a cobalt blue fur on the olive parka’s hood and an asymmetrical black collar on the navy parka. Silk scarves are shown with each outfit, and the olive parka is even shown with blue cut-off leggings!


Brown Fringed Poncho Coat in the Park

Ahhh….if only this photo were a bit bigger so that we could see all the details on this beautiful brown square poncho coat with fringed edging. The woman walks through a park talking confidently on her phone with her printed scarf draping loosely to show her shiny jet black hair. The wide poncho contrasts well with the skinny jeans, and the light brown bag complements the poncho well.

باغ راه فدک 5