Grey and Navy Blue Combination

This outfit successfully combines grey (the rouched top, stylish and fitted) and navy blue (scarf showing red hair..and canvas shoes) which culminates with the striped open sweater coat featuring both colors.




Handmade Doll Exhibit Styles

These styles come from an exhibition dedicated to handmade dolls as a form of art….this is a first here. The styles are quite awesome- for example, here is a woman in a burgundy and grey colorblock tunic made of soft fabric taking a selfie with her daughter in a denim dress with puffy sleeves.


Another selfie from the handmade doll exhibit features a coral manteau with a thin black belt paired with a pale yellow scarf with some flower-print panels. This shade of coral is quite rare in manteau styles.


And one more selfie for good measure – some of the dolls looks somewhat creepy… This looks like a black coat with black and white striped “inserted” sleeves and pockets.


Finally, here is a full length view of an outfit at the same exhibit and the only photo that is not a selfie. It looks like a stunning yellow manteau worn with skinny jeans (or jeggings) cut above the ankles and a fully open scarf through which a huge wave of auburn hair flows proudly- the amount of hair this girl has is phenomenal!


Street-Savvy Styles

Here are some brand new examples of classic “street fashion” – check out this denim manteau worn fully pen, the rolled-up jeans, the ked-style sneakers, and of course, the MP3 player earbuds coming out the black pushed-back snood- this outfit is classic!


And here are 3 more great outfits from the streets – 2 black manteaus worn with colorful scarves (burgundy and pink- the one on the left is worn with leggings even!) and a gorgeous long grey coat worn with black jeans that are worn at the knees. This is one bad-ass set!



Some New Dress Manteau Styles

I love both of these outfits since both prove that the dress manteau continues to stay popular…but both have weird elements to them that I just cannot comprehend. For example, the beautiful leopard print dress manteau below is truly gorgeous and even looks great with the dark green scarf…but what is up with those turquoise bow sandals with black socks????


Below is an almost all-green outfit with a stunning sleeveless military-style dress manteau, scarf framing dark hair, bracelets, and even nail polish! However, why on Earth would this lady wear white canvas shoes with flower print patterns? Those shoes are extremely uncomfortable, from my personal experience..and do not go with the “urban combat” vibe of the outfit at all.