Photography Expo – Black and Dark Green

The outfits at this photography expo (the photos themselves seem to be mostly nature shots) are largely black coats of various styles, such as these 2 parkas (worn with boots and scarves showing off lots of hair)….


,,,or this coat with cape-like sleeves, worn with a bright magenta pink, shiny scarf and black leggings.


This manteau is definitely different from the rest, as it seems to be worn as a dress over black leggings or opaque tights and is dark green with beautiful black patterns. Another thing that makes the otufit stand out is the beautiful chocolate brown snood (pushed back, of course)…oh, and of course, those blue-rimmed funky glasses!



Purple Vest and Plaid Skirt and a Red Printed Manteau

This year has been phenomenal so far for coats with skirts- I have SO many photos of these outfits, and it’s only April! The purple vest worn with a plaid pink+purple_green+yellow+brown skirt is absolutely stunning…as is the red printed coat worn open with black pants (cut off above the ankles). I love the subtle pops of green in both outfits too.


Visual Art Festival Styles

The styles are, of course, very cutting-edge…and there  is even a “coat with skirt” outfit in the set! The two outfits below are fairly minimalist, especially the all-black one (the blue-and-grey color-block one too, though..), but that red embroidered installation overshadows any outfit you put next to it….


The hunter green metallic sweater is…amazing! It’s extremely difficult to find this color and texture for a top, but a favorite local store did not let me down. The grey sleeveless cape and circle scarf draped low look great, but I wish I could see the full outfit.  Yes,this girl is posing as if she is holding hands with the man in the installation- so cute!


Another installation composed of rows upon rows of transparent bubble balls warrants a cool outfit too..right? The white textured manteau with a fur collar is worn with black leggings and ankle boots…and a red printed scarf tied not very low but still showing hair.


This part of the venue has lovely deep red walls…and there are 3 awesome outfits here. This is where the “coat with skirt”outfit is present in the center (involving a fully open beige manteau, brown skirt, red scarf, and brown and beige tall boots), which is my favorite here. There are also 2 nice “coat with pants” outfits, but they are not as unique, of course..



The Snowy Outfits Begin…

Snowy winters bring cool manteau style combinations…such as this black coat with a white furry collar, which is worn with a nice purple scarf.

بارش برف در شمال تهران 7¡

This classic outfit features a black leather coat and gloves, jeans tucked into tall brown boots, and…

بارش برف در شمال تهران 9

..a fully open red and yellow zigzag print scarf (as well as stunning and subtle make-up!)…and what would a snowy or rainy day set be without the umbrella man statue?

بارش برف در شمال تهران 13¡