A Flash of Green in 2017

Underneath the soil, a fire has been burning…and a flash of these embers ignites a spark.

The style returns to its pure roots, if only for a tantalizing instant….

Thank you for showing us the truth – we love you- and stay safe!

Happy New Year….



Green Coat and Yellow Scarf on Graffiti Stairs

I am not exactly sure where these stairs are, with their colorful steps and gritty graffiti walls (one tag says “Calm” and then “Exit” and the other says “Paliz”, which is a girl’s name)….I believe that these stairs are somewhere near the North Central Tehran section of Valiasr Avenue, as I have seen some photos related to them before. However, this is the first time I have seen such a cool outfit against this urban background – a bright green coat, black pants and shoes, and a bright yellow scarf.



Illustration Exhibition Styles

Took a little break…was busy with family stuff…now am back for a little while again. These two photos are from an illustration exhibition, and the outfits featured are awesome, such as the denim coat with the rolled-up sleeves and the lovely green manteau worn with a semi-diaphanous red scarf from which brown curls flow…


..and this otufit from the same exhibition is stunning- an olive green long manteau worn as a dress over grey knit leggings, brown shoes, and…yes….a beautiful Burberry plaid pattern scarf! This outfit merges so many manteau style trends in one and comes out on top as one of the best of the year!!!



First Set from the Media Expo

In the last couple of years, this expo has yielded lots of awesome styles…this year is continuing the tradition…in fact, the first photo in the set is not even from the expo itself but from the set-up of the displays the day before (!!!), which is another first..fittingly enough, it’s a lilac coat worn with an open purple flower-printed scarf, through which long blond hair flows beautifully…


On to the expo itself…it seems that grey coats are very popular at this expo. See for yourself! First, here is a grey sweater coat with a smiley face t-shirt underneath…


Then here comes the classic grey manteau with black pockets and cuffs and a pushed-back black snood…


…and finally a grey one-button-closure coat, also worn with a pushed-back black snood.


And for a change, here is a relative rarity – a cape-style manteau in beige (only the 3rd one I have seen so far) worn with a black long-sleeve top underneath and a flower-printed scarf draped to show red hair. I hope the baby is having fun at the expo!


Stay tuned for more….

The Mega Book Fair Set – Part III

Now, it is time to continue the book fair photos…next to a creepy bandaged skeleton statue (I suppose this continues the “expo statue” tradition) is a lovely woman in a beige manteau with ribbed panels and beige printed silk scarf tied low to show off red hair.


Another patterned silk scarf tied low is worn with a black coat unbuttoned to show a blue flower-printed top underneath.


This manteau looks like a throwback to those designer coats from 2011 or so that can be found in the Aida Rahimi or Deja Vu categories. The paisley panels and cuffs are straight from that era. The rest of the outfit is, surprisingly, all beige.


Finally, a purple coat and green scarf- amazing! That hits all of the major rebellious colors in one outfit.