Purple + Green = Win

In the past few years, the amount of amazing photos I could find for this blog has increased hugely….now that means that something is right. Yes, every day now, I find an average of 2 photos a DAY!

The photo showcases all 4 elements of what brings that attitude:

  1. Green ribbon
  2. Purple ribbon
  3. Victory sign
  4. Key


Let’s get it!

From Green to Fuzzy at the Bazaar

The two outfits below are from the famous downtown Tehran bazaar and are as different as they can be…one is an olive green waterproof raincoat worn with a bright green scarf and a green sweater (excellent color combination, by the way!)…


..while the other is a super-fuzzy black and white patterned sweater worn with a blue patterned scarf. I have a soft spot for fuzziness of all kinds, so this outfit wins a smile from me.


Green Coat and Umbrella, Resort-Style

By itself, the outfit is not super-memorable, although the bright green hue of the coat brings a smile to my face…and also, I am not sure why she is wearing sunglasses in the rain, but that is a whole different story. However, the beautiful scenery behind the woman makes all the difference – the palm trees and the Californian-styled red-roofed building let you know this is a Caspian resort. In fact, the building is the city hall of Rasht, which is the biggest city in the Caspian region.


Green and Purple Outfit at Household Product Expo

You cannot go wrong if you put green and purple together…especially when it’s a beautiful green coat with a knit collar worn over a purple top. The scarf features multiple colors, including green and purple. Not sure if the colors have a deeper meaning here, as the outfit was worn at a household product expo,  but I still love it.

دومین نمایشگاه معرفی وفروش تولیدات خانگی 16

From All Black to Green and Orange

Yes, this is the last 2016 photo I have, believe it or not…and it is a great one with one all-black outfit (even the hair is jet black)  on the left and a beautiful green manteau with orange patterns paired with a matching orange scarf on the right. The lady in the green coat has such beautiful make-up and auburn hair- it’s just unreal! However, the lady in the black has bright pink nail polish (perfect to attract attention) and a beautiful green beaded bracelet.


Last 2016 Smog Mask Set

I am very happy that this is the last smog mask set for 2016 that I have…and the first photo of this set happens to be the only one without any smog masks in it..Rather, a thick scarf that is partially pulled up to the mouth replaces the mask, while an olive green parka coat with a furry collar is worn over a red and white argyle sweater…looks warm and fashionable!


More parka coats, this time in black and grey, are featured below, and the black one is actually worn with a smog mask. The light grey snood is quite a rarity, and it’s cool to see it.



I do like how this outfit combines green and purple (bright green puffy jacket over a purple printed tunic)..and there’s a beige or white turtleneck sweater there too, plus a heavy-duty smog mask.


Yes, I left the best outfits for last…scarves pushed back using sunglasses to show red hair, MP3 player dangling out of a smog mask, beige manteaus, an orange and brown knit scarf….it’s all amazing…but my personal favorite is the outfit on the left simply because of a) the puffy black fur-hooded vest and b) that beige knotted knit scarf….it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, and it is very cool!