More High Level Dust Masks

To follow in the footsteps of this post, here are more manteaus with dust masks from a very special location.

First of all, yes, this is a double-scarfing outfit (black snood and open purple knit scarf thrown over it) and it still shows lots of hair, which is awesome! LC Waikiki, as seen by the logo on her bag, is a Turkish fashion store..I wonder if any of her clothing is from there.


A stunning dark red coat is worn with a black and white zigzag-printed scarf showing blond-highlighted hair…and there is even a miniature fashionista at the edge of the photo.


Fashion sense runs in the family, as can be seen by this mother-daughter couple- both wearing black coats, leggings, neutral-colored boots (beige for the daughter, brown for the mother, and scarves with some beige in them (although the daughter’s scarf is much more colorful).


Another super-colorful scarf is worn with a brown leather manteau, a highly glamorous item that I love, despite its rarity.



3 All-Black Outfits, 1 Long Beige Coat, and Dust Masks

Another set with dust masks (from Ahvaz, the epicenter of the dust mask sets) is interesting because all the outfits feature snoods and 3 of the outfits are almost fully black. In fact, those outfits are most likely student outfits…the one below with the leggings and beige sneakers may be an exception, but who knows, maybe there are some student outfits with leggings now…?


This one with the black and white Keds-st5yle shoes, is definitely a student outfit (and look, there is a yellow fence there…however, it is not yellow and green!).


..and this student outfit has a black and red sweater worn over it. This is without a doubt the biggest dust mask I have seen so far.


The only outfit to feature a beige manteau still has a black short jacket over it, while the manteau is long with slits on the sides and is worn with jeans cut just above the ankle. I love this style, even if the short jacket-long coat combination is “weird”!




Sports Photo Expo Styles

I only have photos of 2 outfits from this expo, which is dedicated to sports-related photos, including portraits of athletes and such….the outfit below involves a dark, navy blue coat and a super-colorful scarf showing hair. I think the woman may be wearing black leggings which are tucked into tall buckled boots.


I like this girl’s two-tone sneakers, but it’s hard to see them when they are not close up. The girl is talking on the phone in a beige manteau with a shawl collar and a black pushed-back snood. You can see the athlete portraits better in this photo as well.


Olive Green Coat by Mosaic Mural

Back in 2015, I posted this manteau style, taken against a mosaic mural background… It took 3 years for another outfit from that same mosaic mural location to appear, but here it is…the most interesting thing is that both outfits involve black leggings! This coat, however, is olive green, not black, and the scarf is colorful and flower-printed. I wonder if I will see another style from this background again…


Two Smog Mask Styles

This was actually the first 2018 photo, and unfortunately, it just so happens that this photo is related to smog masks being worn..although not in Tehran this time. The historical buildings in the background mean only 1 thing- that this is is Isfahan. Actually, in the first photo, only the man wears the mask- the woman seems to be full of energy and is taking the man with her. Her short beige coat and loosely draped olive green scarf are youthful and vibrant.


What an awesome coat- beige fabric with shiny, lurex-like threading and knit brown inserts on the sleeves and hem. It looks lovely the black leggings and ankle boots and the draped scarf…very cool coat. Hopefully, the coat can make up a bit for the inconvenience of wearing the smog mask.


Christmas Shopping 2017 – Part III

Here is the final part of the epic Christmas shopping 2017 set…I like the outfit on the left- the open scarf, the leggings, the ribbed white sleeves underneath the black sleeveless coat- it’s awesome! The open red parka with the tall boots and pushed-back snood is cool too…


I love how the printed scarf is pushed back to show blond hair..however, the rrst of the pic is dark, and the outfit is not very visible…


Looks like the girl in the green parka is wearing a rarity- navy blue snood!


Love the open grey coat, the pushed-back black embroidered scarf,  the classy flat shoes…and the little girl’s amazing outfit!


Finally, this olive green “urban combat” manteau is worn with black high-heel boots- fitting for a glamorous Christmas!


Burgundy, Purple and Beige in the Rain

Nice to see some super-stylish outfits in the warm rain showers…this burgundy velvet coat with a paisley applique on the hem is unique, and the woman even found matching sneakers to go with it- now that’s rare! Some manteau style staples are present here too- the white Burberry plaid scarf and black leggings.


This classic purple trench coat is worn with blue sneakers and a grey scarf framing red hair…however, these are just skinny black pants, not leggings.


Finally, a super-stylish outfit- a black snood tucked into the collar of a sophisticated short beige jacket with two rows of black buttons over a (just slightly longer) black manteau and skinny jeans. In fact, at some angles, it looks like the girl is wearing legwarmers because of how tapered the jeans are at the ankles!