Watercolor Print and Black Manteaus – Resort Styles

I love the watercolor print manteaus- they are stunning and artistic, but they are also very rare…here’s one from earlier this year…and one from 2017. The coat on the right falls into this category too, and I love the black leggings and black shoes with some sort of fishnet inserts that the woman wears with it. The other woman wears a simple black coat, but both wear silk flower-printed scarves tied low and those amazing huge sunglasses. These styles are from one of the Caspian resorts, a place that one can always count on for great manteau styles….



Mansion Visit Style

This set is from a very special location, and all of these outfits were worn to visit a beautiful mansion…as expected, the styles are wonderful.

For example, the long olive green coat with the black leggings and yellow scarf is awesome (but I also love the open white scarf on the girl in the beige manteau, since the hair flows through it so beautifully).


The beige coat on the left has Burberry plaid cuffs (similar to this navy blue coat) but is worn with a paisley print scarf…while the plaid coat on the right is worn with a monochromatic red scarf, and red is not one of the many colors on the plaid coat!


The two open coats are stunning, especially the yellow coat paired with a beautiful bright green scarf and black and white striped top. However, the deep red hair of the girl in the beige manteau is so eye-catching and gorgeous!


The best outfit of the set hands down, this style combines a red silk chain print scarf (which I own, too), a grey manteau with baggy elbow-length sleeves, and elegant pin-striped leggings. The scarf is tied low, pushed back with sunglasses, and has long auburn hair flowing through the front- I was expecting an outfit like this from the location and was not disappointed at all!


Epic Egg Painting Festival – Part VI

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This is a short set compared to some of the previous ones and the last of the numbered sets from this festival (I have a couple more posts from the festival, focusing on different aspects).

This black flower-print manteau is very bright and joyful (especially when compared to the black scarf)…


A denim sleeveless coat is paired with black leggings and a red scarf tucked behind the ears to show off lots of hair…

جشنواره تخم مرغ های رنگی در میدان هفت حوض 4

..while a sleeved denim coat is worn with a beige scarf (also tucked behind the ears!) and black pants. The cool hing about this coast is the corset-style lacing on the pockets.

جشنواره تخم مرغ های رنگی در میدان هفت حوض 18

Navy Blue Flower-Printed Coat and Semi-Transparent Paisley Scarf

There are many cool features in this outfit- the flower prints or appliques on the navy blue manteau, the black leggings, and the big bag (these are usually utilized by architects or artists to carry around their portfolios)…but the coolest of them all is the paisley-printed scarf…why? Because it’s almost completely see-through, of course!


Fire Jumping in Mint Green Manteau

This year, with all the multitudes of photos, there is one category in which a dearth of photos occurred- fire jumping photos (to compare, here is what was posted just 2 years ago, in 2016)….I only found 1 photo, albeit of a beautiful mint green manteau (one of my favorite colors) worn with black leggings and pushed-back scarf….


The Best Outfit of the Year?

I think this is a contender for sure, if not THE best. Coming from a rather obscure book fair, this outfit features a plaid skirt, a long beige sweater with a burgundy top underneath (matching the girl’s crimson lipstick!), black leggings, and black studded ankle boots. This look is absolutely stunning and is very special to me.