Street-Savvy Styles

Here are some brand new examples of classic “street fashion” – check out this denim manteau worn fully pen, the rolled-up jeans, the ked-style sneakers, and of course, the MP3 player earbuds coming out the black pushed-back snood- this outfit is classic!


And here are 3 more great outfits from the streets – 2 black manteaus worn with colorful scarves (burgundy and pink- the one on the left is worn with leggings even!) and a gorgeous long grey coat worn with black jeans that are worn at the knees. This is one bad-ass set!




Olive Green and White Colorblock Coat at Nanotechnology Expo

This is only the second time an outfit from a nanotechnology expo has been featured (here is the first one)…Not only does this outfit feature an olive and white colorblock manteau (this seems to be a popular combination this year) but it also boasts leggings, a black quilted bag, an olive green scarf showing off blond-highlighted hair, and even polished nails! I wish I knew what this display in front of the girl was all about…



Red Printed Dress Manteau at the Glass Museum

The stylish, beautifully lit up displays of glass vases are just as gorgeous as the red dress manteau with white flower print all over and what looks like a white lace insert at the neck. The manteau is worn with black leggings and a matching red scarf and some interesting shoes – it looks like they are black with gold accents, but unfortunately, the photo is a bit dark, so it is hard to say for sure.


Black Coats at Stationery Expo

Since the stationery showcased in this expo is specifically dedicated to schools, both women in the post have children with them…first, a little boy with his mom in a black manteau and a gorgeous black and gold chain print silk scarf tied low to show off a cone of hair…


..and then this long black coat worn with a blue and white silk scarf showing off red hair, black leggings, canvas shoes, and a carpet-style bag….and the owner of this coat is with a little girl whose fashion sense is on point, especially those black leggings and Mary Jane shoes with the flower on them!


A Couple of Styles from the Twin Festival

The styles from this festival last appeared here in 2016 and have occasionally made it to the blog before that…this year, there are fewer outfits, and in fact only one of the photos shows twins in the same manteaus..the other one shows twin boys with their super-stylish mom! First, the twin sisters in these awesome white tunics with gathered, lace-decorated sleeves and semi-sheer black scarves make an appearance.


And now, here are theĀ  boys wearing suits and bow ties, with their equally well-dressed mom…her long navy blue manteau looks perfect for summer with the black leggings and T-strap shoes.


Three Plus One at Carpet Expo

One is this amazing blue and black colorblock coat (one sleeve is black, the other is blue…that is a new combination) with with a printed silk scarf and black pants….


…and three are these black manteaus, two of which are worn with leggings and sandals and one of which is worn with jeans cropped slightly above the ankle (throwback to 2004-05?). The scarves held up by tall cone hairstyles are great too…and the carpets in the background are lovely.