Three Coats and Beige Pants by the Mobile Cafe

In 2016, I had posted photos from a North Tehran novelty– a “mobile cafe” called Way Cafe, selling drinks and sweets out of a sky blue vintage VW bus. It looks like other similar mobile cafes have appeared since then, as the one shown below is an orange van. The three outfits worn in this photo all involve beige pants and e3arth-tone scarves. The green coat is fully open over a white top, while the beige coat boasts a 2006-07 vibe with its accessories- pants cut off above the ankles and an opens card showing off a red braid!


Getting Creative – 1st Edition

I have never heard of this event before, but here is the website for it…it is called Creative Mornings, and it is a worldwide phenomenon involving a breakfast and a talk on a creative subject! So far, there have been 2 of these in North Tehran, and these are a few outfits from the first one. As you would expect, the outfits are highly creative…just check out that denim sleeveless manteau over a yellow long-sleeve top with a lovely green scarf¬† showing off auburn hair and that amazing make-up! There’s also a faded green coat with¬† an olive green scarf that looks pretty cool….


…as well as this outfit, involving a purple jacket over a blue flower-printed tunic, black cut-off leggings , and a purple and yellow paisley scarf. Looking awesome!


Blue Tie-Dyed Coat Selfie on Nature Bridge

That railing and that greenery mean only one thing….this is a Nature Bridge selfie! Joining the long list of awesome outfits from this iconic North Tehran bridge is this blue tie-dyed tunic and acid-washed jeans and, surprisingly (or maybe, not so surprisingly) a dark purple scarf showing most of the girl’s brown hair. Even the man with her has a funky ponytail!


Heather Grey and Navy Coats by a Kiosk

Standing a product kiosk, which seems to be selling beauty products (I spy Old Spice cologne, Secret antiperspirant, aloe vera and camomile creams, among other things), these two women show off impeccable urban style- starting from the “urban combat” heather grey tunic on the left worn with (what else?) olive pants and tall black Nike boots. The woman on the right wears a more conventional navy blue manteau with white polka dots, but her black leggings and semi-transparent navy blue scarf suggest that she, too, is very well aware of the hottest manteau styles.


Black Coat and Pink Sleeveless Waterfall Cardigan

Some days, I just need a rest from all the negativity and all the terrible events that happen in the world…but then, I see an amazing photo like this, and I just want to share it. These two girls are taking photos in a park in classical outfits – a black manteau with thin gold edging on the collar (and a red scarf showing off red hair and classical Northern-style make-up) and a blush pink sleeveless waterfall cardigan with a dot pattern (and a matching scarf). I hope the photo they are taking turns out well…and I hope this post brightens up someone’s day.


3 Manteaus and a Volkswagen Beetle

A selfie, complete with selfie stick, at a classic car expo next to a bright blue 1960s Volkswagen beetle showcases 3 beautiful manteaus…black, pink, and grey with beautiful white lace overlay (my personal favorite!). The make-up and hair are absolutely flawless in this photo- all scarves only serve to highlight them, and I love it!


Open Sweater Coat and Nose Bandage on Nature Bridge

The beige sweater coat is a fully open one, showing off the printed top under it, which I commend…as well as the navy blue scarf showing off dark red curls..and, of course, the famous nose bandage – one of the classic Northern symbols in this photo, the other one being, of course, the famous Nature Bridge in the background!