Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos- Part V

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

This simple black coat is paired with a summery light yellow scarf with black outlined flowers (matches the black and white egg with the funky chicken feet pattern…)


For some reason, plaid manteaus are hugely popular to wear for this type of event…here is another one, in brown, white, and blue! First, here is a close-up…



..and here is a full view- this coat is also worn with a pushed-back snood and a nice wooden bead bracelet.


Quite possibly THE coolest manteau of the festival is this beige coat with a fringed, feathery-like hem…here’s a  close-up.


..and if you can’t get enough of this coat, just like I do, here’s a full view- worn with blue, fully open scarf showing off a short ponytail, jeans rolled up slightly above the ankles, and white sneakers, this coat is awesome! By the way, what is that behind the girl? Why, it’s the famous  Milad Tower, of course!


Part VI is coming soon…


Light Blue Coat and Rose Print Scarf at Ice Cream Shop

This is a rare 2017 photo featuring a light blue manteau with bubble sleeves, drawstring ties, and a white and pink rose-printed scarf worn draped loosely over one shoulder.  The ice cream shop may be called “Shaghayegh”, in which case, it appears to be in Northwest Tehran.


Unbuttoned Denim Manteau and Silver Painted Man

Yes, that is a replica Milad Tower (lit up in lovely blue) behind the woman, who is posing in a stunning denim manteau worn unbuttoned to show off a black printed top and a blue scarf pushed back to show off the woman’s hair, neck, and lipstick. Surprisingly enough, this is a repeat of a 2016 photo, which also involved a silver-painted human sculpture standing next to a woman in a stylish denim manteau.


Fire Jumping in Mint Green Manteau

This year, with all the multitudes of photos, there is one category in which a dearth of photos occurred- fire jumping photos (to compare, here is what was posted just 2 years ago, in 2016)….I only found 1 photo, albeit of a beautiful mint green manteau (one of my favorite colors) worn with black leggings and pushed-back scarf….


The Louvre Exhibit Fashions Part II

This set features more of the actual Louvre works at the exhibition from the previous post…and they are stunning. I have never visited the Louvre, but I hope to do so one day. I do have books about it..and among the many things I want to see are these Persepolis sculptures…to see them here, juxtaposed with the black manteau, platform heels, and grey printed scarf, is truly amazing….the essence of the style once again.


Against a backdrop of the Louvre itself, there are n olive green coat and snood (a very rare sight) and a kurta-style beige tunic (also pretty rare after 2006-07) with an emerald green scarf…


…as well as another olive green jacket worn with a navy blue snood (snoods in different colors seem to be big at this exhibition), and a military-style black coat with big gold buttons (and a yellow matching scarf, too).


A classical denim manteau and red paisley scarf complement the red background for this beautiful still-life…


..while the last 2 photos  involve a photography expo of people looking at Louvre paintings. It seems that the woman on the left, in the open navy blue coat, is wearing denim overalls! This is only the 2nd time I have seen this item with any type of manteau style (see the first here). The woman on the right is wearing a red coat and green scarf…


…as is the woman below (her coat is  a bit longer though).



The Louvre Exhibit Fashions Part I

This was a first- a Louvre exhibit in a Tehran museum, and some cool styles were expected for this event….they did not disappoint.

This is a conventional beige manteau with a black snood, but the chocolate brown jacket worn over the manteau is an unusual and stylish detail…


A couple of long black coats are paired with flashy Northern-style make-up….


..or how about this brown coat with a bright ikat-print scarf? The woman is taking a photo of some beautiful silver work…


…or this – what looks like an all-black student outfit, but the rhinestones in the manteau sleeve are an unexpected and welcome detail (also love the medieval statue)…


Another all-black outfit is worn with a lively red open jacket…


My favorite is this beautiful green manteau with red chevron print…this print is still quite rare (I have only seen 1 other manteau with it before).


I’ve got more Louvre exhibit styles on the way…


Feeding Cats and Crows in an Orange Parka Coat

Feeding stray cats and crows in parks is a common activity that stresses manteau wearers’ deep sense of compassion, and this photo, being already vintage (from 2013!) was actually taken just a year after this photo, which was famous for its gorgeous outfits, involving even a coat with skirt combination. This photo was taken in the fall, hence the orange parka coat and black snood, while the Converse-style sneakers add a rebellious yet warm feel to the photo. Hope the cats are enjoying their food!