Purple + Green = Win

In the past few years, the amount of amazing photos I could find for this blog has increased hugely….now that means that something is right. Yes, every day now, I find an average of 2 photos a DAY!

The photo showcases all 4 elements of what brings that attitude:

  1. Green ribbon
  2. Purple ribbon
  3. Victory sign
  4. Key


Let’s get it!

Vintage-Inspired Styles From the Miniature Garden

I believe that the last 2 photos are from North Tehran’s famous Art Garden, which has a “miniature landmarks” section (as was seen once here). ..I am not certain because there may be some other places with similar gardens. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a woman there wearing a black fringy scarf and jeans cut above the ankle, just like the 2005-07 vintage outfits!


In another section of the same garden, a navy blue trench coat with grommets down the front is worn with cut-off jeans…yet another vintage style staple and one that is awesome to see.


Plaid Manteau at Jurassic Park

I’ve featured “Jurassic Park”, a park in Northwest Tehran featuring animal statues, here before, and it seems like every time I see a new photo from there, some new section appears…first, it was the dinosaurs (of course), then the pandas…and now the elephants! Of course, an interesting plaid manteau, in black and white, is featured here too…interesting because it has pink flowers printed on the hem. The black and white scarf, tied under the chin but still showing hair, is covered with a pattern…unfortunately, I can’t tell what it is.


Northern Cafe Lunch

The manicured plants, ornate chairs on the outdoor patio, and high rise buildings suggest only one thing – this is a lunch at a glamorous North Tehran cafe. The outfits are just as cutting-edge- both coats are marled grey, which seems to be one of the hottest shades and fabrics of 2017. Of course, the scarves are -pushed back to show off beautiful hair and, in the case of the girl on the right, long silver earrings!


Azadi Tower Lawn Selfie

Azadi Tower is a Northwestern Tehran landmark (you can see it fully in this photo) surrounded by large expanses of green manicured lawns. It is on one of these lawns that this selfie takes place.  A classical all-black outfit is made slightly more colorful with a gentle light pink scarf showing dark hair int he front..and the bright blue laces on the girl’s sneakers.


Student Outfit in the Mountain Sledge

We’ve already seen one photo of a girl walking by this motorized sledge running on a track in a North Tehran mountain resort. Now, finally, here is a photo of a girl actually riding IN the sledge…while wearing the classical student outfit- black coat, jeans, pushed-back snood, and sneakers (these ones are slightly taller than usual and are black and green). Her face does not seem too happy though…perhaps, this sledge is not as fun as it looks.

بوستان گلاب دره 13£aõ‰

Couples Walking in Parks and on Streets

This photo set was, for some reason, linked to an article about marriage…not sure how they would know whether the men and women in these photos are married to each other exactly…anyway, the manteaus in this set are awesome. First, here is a couple walking by a Chinese restaurant with pictures of the food it serves in the window…looks yummy, except I cloud swear the leftmost photo shows pizza, and that’s not a Chinese food at all :-). The grey manteau with darker lace-covered pockets (and similar chest panel) looks very stylish with the black leggings!


The next two couples are walking in Northern parks….how about this open scarf and the gorgeous long hair flowing out of it? I love it!As well, I love the grey, burgundy, and white color-block manteau!


In addition to the couple (check out that beautiful beige waterfall cardigan and striped black and white scarf!), there are also 2 women walking here in very cool coats – a tie-dyed tunic and a pink open trench coat. Every style of manteau is well-represented here.