Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping

I found these 2 photos a while after Valentine’s Day..and yes, the one below does show a pretty red heart balloon! It also shows an open black manteau with rhombus buttons over a beige top (or sweater) and an ombre scarf pushed very far back..


…while this photo does not show any specific V-Day accessories, it has a cool outfit consisting of a brown manteau with a black puffy short jacket over it, a matching brown scarf, and jeans…


Look like this year, Valentine’s Day was a bit more subdued, but it also looks like it was more successful than in some years, which is great!


White Coats in the Snow

White coats go beautifully with snow….such as this coat worn with a grey scarf by a woman that is building a snowman (albeit, he is a bit muddy…)


…or this gorgeous hooded coat worn with a red scarf and tall black boots- so elegant (and I love that Northern-style make-up!).


Tourism Expo Stuns

This year, the tourism expo outfits stunned me…absolutely amazing! In previous years, there was nothing good at all, or there would be one nice outfit (like this), but not so many…and not such a diverse array of manteau styles, for sure. For example, this black cape manteau is worn with black leggings, black high-heeled ankle boots with gold buckles, and a multicolored silk scarf tied low and showing off golden hair and gorgeous make-up.


Bets outfit of the expo straight up- the sleeveless open coat, the yellow-and-black plaid, flared-out skirt (did you notice that the buttons on the sleeveless coat match the skirt?), and the 1970-s-style glamorous beige floppy hat worn with a black scarf and still showing off hair-…this is on another level entirely, and the vintage car just adds to the classy, “old Hollywood” feel of this outfit.


These 2 outfits are the most “regular” of the whole set, and even then, the grey acid-washed jeans are not a typical manteau style staple either….the star of this photos , of course, is the stunning North Tehran view with the iconic mountains AND the newest skyline feature, the Nature Bridge, in the background!


Finally, here is a black manteau, which is more or less regular-looking…and a beautiful olive-green waterfall cardigan worn with some kind of Timberland-like beige boots with brown inserts. This style of boots first appeared in late 2017 and is becoming huge in 2018- I will have even more photos of other outfits with these!






Red Open Sweater Coat, a Car Dealership, and a Burger

This casual yet stylish outfit, involving a red open sweater coat, grey pants and scarf, and black boots, is worn in a couple of classical North Tehran settings- first, while the girl is walking past a luxury car dealership featuring BMWs in the window..and even a motorcycle on the sidewalk!


The girl then enters a fast food restaurant, which serves what else but..burgers! (See an extensive article on Northern burger joints here). This photo also shows a close-up of her scarf, which has tiny white pin dots on it.


More Snow Day Styles

As winter goes on, here comes another snowy day set…featuring such winter staples as the black parka with the fur-edged hood…whether it is worn with a pushed-back snood and a turquoise scarf around the neck…


..or worn with a red scarf and beige gloves (and this parka has large hanging buttons down the front, too).


A marled grey open jacket worn over a classic all-black student outfit is not a winter outfit per se, but it works well…


This couple is having fun throwing snowballs in a park, and the double-scarfing looks great with an ikat print scarf AND a pushed-back snood still showing lots of hair. Note the MP3 player headphones in one of beige canvas coat’s huge pockets- this is a great purpose for these pockets.


Finally, a romantic moment with a couple gently hugging and the girl wearing a black parka and a hat and scarf combo, of which the grey hat features that coveted item- the furry pom-pom..and yes, I do have 1 such hat because it fits into one of my other styles.


Hat and Scarf Combo in the Rain on the Nature Bridge

The outfit on the left is worn in winter rain (rather than snow), but still features that rebellious and rare element of manteau style- the hat+ scarf combo. In matching grey, the combination is worn with a baggy black manteau and black pants and boots. The outfit on the right is a more conventional but still elegant beige manteau with a slightly flared hem, worn with jeans tucked into black boots and a yellow scarf. The outfits are worn on the exquisite Nature Bridge, a prime “Northern style” locale.



Volleyball in the Park in Black and White Outfit

It’s quite rare to see a volleyball manteau style photo- while I’ve had many photos of girls in lovely manteau styles playing badminton, rollerblading, and biking in parks, this is the first one of a girl playing volleyball. The black and white top has a bit of a hip-hop-inspired feel (maybe, it’s just the style of the writing on the chest) and is worn with a fully open black coat and pushed-back scarf.