Calligraphy in a Pink Coat

No calligraphy on the actual coat, but here is a beautiful girl in a light pink coat that looks like it is made of very soft, velour-like fabric, and a black scarf draped loosely….actually DOING calligraphy, which looks awesome. Supposedly, this photo is from the famous Milad Tower, but I cannot confirm that..




Nature Bridge Selfie With Octagon Cuffs

Welcome yet another Nature Bridge selfie (just as amazing as these ones…or even this) that features two of my favorite things – the amazing North Tehran view and…a black manteau with OCTAGON-printed cuffs. This classical pattern is, for some reason, quite rare in manteau styles; in fact, this is the first time I have seen it so clearly on a coat. I would love to see more of it. Wish the beige coat in the background was more visible too…


Kebabs in the Van and a Butterfly Print Scarf

We’ve seen several posts about mobile cafes and the gorgeous styles found in them (or rather, near them)…but now, here is a mobile restaurant van with a girl in a navy blue manteau and blue scarf printed with white butterflies making kebabs in the van. The scarf is my favorite part, but I do not trust meat made in the back of as van..just sayin…..


Beige Silk Coat at Furniture Expo

Unlike last year’s furniture expo, which boasted a whole set of fashionable outfits, this year’s expo yielded only one outfit. That said, it is a pretty awesome manteau, made of soft beige silk fabric. The coat is worn with a blue printed scarf pushed back by sunglasses to show hair against a backdrop of good old “Northern style” curved chairs and couches.



Two More from the Book Garden

In addition to this recent post from the Book Garden, here are two more awesome styles from there…..the combination of navy blue, green, and white colors on this coat really reminds me of the coat on the left in this picture from the book fair earlier in the year….


…while below is one of the rare gold-colored manteaus…the only other coat that is comparable to it would be something like this...and even that is not exactly the same. Actually, this coat is even nicer, as it has black patterns on the cuffs.

باغ کتاب تهران 83D?AØÐýEÑ


Summertime in the Park

This set shows some typical summer park activities- I am not sure from which park the first 3 photos are, but the last 3 are definitely from the iconic Water and Fire Park. This photo shows off 3 great outfits, including a red and black plaid manteau, a blue and white pinstriped manteau (very 2006-07 vintage vibe!), and a white manteau with a black and white patterned scarf (it looks a little bit similar to the fringy black and white paisley scarves of 2005-06, but not exactly)…


The next 2 photos are dealing with water fountains….in this one, a girl in a powder blue manteau with contrasting paisley pockets (super-hot 2017 trend) and matching scarf is filling up a cup with water to cool down…


…and here, two girls in classical student outfits (black pushed-back snoods, backpacks, black coats) are filling up a water bottle at a fountain….actually the outfit on the right is not so typical, as it involves a black and white striped manteau, which is quite rare for student outfits..


Now, here come the photos from the Water and Fire park- first a woman in a yellow printed coat and yellow pants (I have yellow pants myself, and I think they epitomize summer!) and a drenched red scarf hanging down but still showing some black hair…


….and here she is in full view, in the right hand corner of the photo. There are lots of stylish outfits in the foreground, including a light pink manteau, a longer white manteau worn with a yellow scarf, and, finally, a long lack manteau worn with flower-print pants (another super summery item). The kids are dressed great too, but my favorite is the pink ruffly dress on the girl in the middle.


And finally, a couple hanging out in the fountains of the park- you can see from the fuchsia scarf draped low to show off lots of blond-streaked hair, the brightly colored tunic worn with black leggings, and the man’s T-shirt with something in English on it (I can only read “Overall”) that this is a classical Northern rebellious couple. Plus, I have not seen so much chest expanse in a manteau style since this picture back in 2011!



Denim Coat, Grey Waterfall Cardigan, and Three Dogs

The fact there are 3 dogs in the photo suggests that these ladies may be dog walkers…or maybe, they are just proud enthusiasts who adore dogs. Either way, it’s great to see this sight, especially against a small convenience store – this is a Northern visual for sure. The manteaus look nice too, from the faded denim coat (worn with a pink pashmina and jeans) to the grey waterfall cardigan worn with a red and grey scarf.