Denim Coat, Grey Waterfall Cardigan, and Three Dogs

The fact there are 3 dogs in the photo suggests that these ladies may be dog walkers…or maybe, they are just proud enthusiasts who adore dogs. Either way, it’s great to see this sight, especially against a small convenience store – this is a Northern visual for sure. The manteaus look nice too, from the faded denim coat (worn with a pink pashmina and jeans) to the grey waterfall cardigan worn with a red and grey scarf.



Nature Bridge – Selfies and Beyond

What would a summer be without a great set of photos from the Nature Bridge? First is a selfie (with selfie stick even) of a cool black manteau with what seems like white edging on the sleeves and a beige scarf framing dark hair…


..then comes a gorgeous view of North Tehran and a couple checking their cell phone- perhaps, they just took a selfie…the girl is rocking a denim coat with two faded areas that are positioned in a surprisingly eye-catching way.



Looking at the view is a beautiful girl in a beige belted manteau worn with a dark burgundy scarf showing off lots of hair…


…but that scarf is nothing compared to this fully open pink scarf 0- blond hair flows proudly down the back of this girl’s beige manteau and no one, NO ONE, can do a thing about it! I love to see this, especially against that classic Northern view.


Watching Slackline in Park

I have never heard of slackline walking before this photo….but it seems that it’s trendy nowadays, and this is the first time a slackliner has appeared on the blog. He himself is wearing some rebellious fashions, including printed shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and a ponytail! In keeping with the blog, though, he is being watched by 3 girls in stylish manteaus, one of which is a bit hard to see (the one on the right worn by the girl in the pushed-back snood). The other two are more easily discerned and have classical prints – black and white plaid and leopard print (my favorite, of course)!


Just Walking On By…

…in some really cool outfits! Here is yet another post from one of those huge group walking events (example of a previous one can be seen here). We start with a black-and-white ensemble, from the printed manteau to the white tall boots with black laces to the…black scarf worn completely open!


Next come two black leather jackets worn over, interestingly enough, reversed color combinations – white coat over black pants on the left, black coat over white pants on the right. (Can you spot the navy manteau in the background, too?).


The third leather jacket of the set is bright red and is worn over a flower print blue manteau paired with a beautiful turquoise chain-print scarf. Too bad the photo is a bit out of focus…


A victory sign and a smile are beautiful accessories to this all-black outfit with the classic snood and double-breasted trench coat.


These women are doing the wave, it seems…and boasting impressive Northern-style make-up and tattooed eyebrows. I like the combination of light scarf and dark coat on the right and center and vice versa on the left.


These outfits are the ultimate bad-ass manteau style….neon-colored log tops and leggings, visors and baseball caps (including 1 with a USA flag!!!!), and victory signs for all…so gorgeous! These outfits remind me of the outfit on the right in this photo (since it was worn for jogging and also involved neon colors and leggings).



Three Coats and Beige Pants by the Mobile Cafe

In 2016, I had posted photos from a North Tehran novelty– a “mobile cafe” called Way Cafe, selling drinks and sweets out of a sky blue vintage VW bus. It looks like other similar mobile cafes have appeared since then, as the one shown below is an orange van. The three outfits worn in this photo all involve beige pants and e3arth-tone scarves. The green coat is fully open over a white top, while the beige coat boasts a 2006-07 vibe with its accessories- pants cut off above the ankles and an opens card showing off a red braid!


Getting Creative – 1st Edition

I have never heard of this event before, but here is the website for it…it is called Creative Mornings, and it is a worldwide phenomenon involving a breakfast and a talk on a creative subject! So far, there have been 2 of these in North Tehran, and these are a few outfits from the first one. As you would expect, the outfits are highly creative…just check out that denim sleeveless manteau over a yellow long-sleeve top with a lovely green scarf  showing off auburn hair and that amazing make-up! There’s also a faded green coat with  an olive green scarf that looks pretty cool….


…as well as this outfit, involving a purple jacket over a blue flower-printed tunic, black cut-off leggings , and a purple and yellow paisley scarf. Looking awesome!