Brocade Coat at Maritime Expo

Before I take a Christmassy break for a couple of days, let me leave you with a lovely beige brocade coat worn with an open beige-grey scarf through which a long dark braid flows. The coat even has white silk ribbon bows at the wrists and is one of a very small group of brocade manteaus (a great example of 1 can be found here). This is also only the second time I have seen any outfit from a maritime industry expo in Kish Island resort, and this time is much more peaceful than the first one!



Two Manteaus by the Frozen Waterfall

We’ve seen this waterfall before on the blog- it is Ganj Nameh from this post...only it has now completely frozen over! The two coats are olive green and navy blue with some red and beige geomtric prints (my personal favorite)- they looks warm enoguh for the cold weather at this resort!



Plaid, Black, and Tattooed at the Forest Clean-up

Unlike the previous forest clean-up photos from 2015, this set features two elements that have not been seen at Caspian forest clean-ups previously- one being a baby (strangely under-dressed, compared to his mom’s cool plaid manteau and red zigzag-printed scarf showing off glossy chestnut hair)….


..and the other being a henna tattoo, which adds an edgy feel to this otherwise conventional student outfit!


Posing by the Waterfall

The waterfall shown here looks similar to the one from this post; however, it is not the same fact, the waterfall here is Ganj Nameh and it is in the Hamedan area. The fashions here are meant for selfies, which means they are great- specifically the puffy-sleeved cranberry red manteau worn with a bright red long-sleeve top and a turquoise-green scar that is worn open to show hair. I like the man’s shirt too with its funny logo – “Young” and then “#madboys” – this is the first time there has been a hashtag logo on the blog!


The printed jersey dress manteau is going strong here, in gorgeous black and green, and the green scarf frames dark red hair beautifully. I commend this woman for getting her daughter to put a headband on at that age – from my own experience, they do not all appreciate things on their head! That said, I am not a big fan of headbands on babies anyway…




Beach Selfies and a Water Gun

These beach photos come from a Persian Gulf resort (not Kish Island)…and prove that the styles from those resorts are just as fashionable as those from the Caspian ones. The style below involves jeans, a blue manteau, a beige scarf, and….a little water gun….great for a selfie!


Another beach selfie involves a cool navy blue manteau with white lace edging and bows on the sleeves, worn with a black scarf and leggings. I think the leggings are perfect at the beach and for summer, in general…this summer, I have been trying to wear leggings outside of work as much as possible.


Black and Blue Color-block Coat at Roudkhan Castle

Roudkhan Castle is a classic medieval castle in the Caspian forests…and I cannot remember if I have already posted photos from the trail that hugs the mountain on which the castle is located. In any case, here’s a beautiful blue manteau with sky-blue color blocks, worn on the trail leading to the castle with a matching scarf showing off glossy auburn hair.