Watercolor Print Manteau Selfie

Against a background of a stylish palace and a reflecting pool (sorry, I am not sure what city this one is in), a couple takes a selfie…the man has a cool agate stone ring, by the way. As for the woman, she is wearing a unique watercolor-print tunic with elbow-length sleeves over an olive green long-sleeved top (and an olive green scarf)…excellent color combination!


Horseback Riding in Resorts

I am not sure what resort this photo is from (not a Caspian beach one)…but strangely enough, both outfits involve black coats and bright scarves…such as this coral one…


…or the purple one below. This outfit is definitely from a Caspian beach resort. You can also spot a green puffy jacket over a black coat, which means this was back in early spring….now, such jackets will not be necessary!


Three Manteaus in a Caspian Forest

This adorable selfie features three beautiful outfits in a gorgeous Caspian resort forest – these places are a bit wild and overgrown, almost jungle-like sometimes, yet never too far from civilization. My favorite is the red and white patterned coat on the right (worn with black shoes with cut-out sides, which seem to be very popular this year). The black shoes with white soles, worn by the girl in the middle, are also quite popular. On the left, the coat is not fully visible…but who cares, when you can see a gorgeous fringy scarf in all its glory and..yes, you guessed it right….Timberland-style boots, a perfect union of hip-hop and manteau styles! This is only the second time I am seeing this style of boots worn with manteaus, and the first time was this year too…..I’d like to see whether this trend will stick around.


Green Coat and Umbrella, Resort-Style

By itself, the outfit is not super-memorable, although the bright green hue of the coat brings a smile to my face…and also, I am not sure why she is wearing sunglasses in the rain, but that is a whole different story. However, the beautiful scenery behind the woman makes all the difference – the palm trees and the Californian-styled red-roofed building let you know this is a Caspian resort. In fact, the building is the city hall of Rasht, which is the biggest city in the Caspian region.


Light Blue Manteau Selfie on the Beach

Most of the island resort photos come from the famous Kish Island resort…but there is a second island called Qeshm, which is smaller and used to be less developed. Now, Qeshm Island is developing as strongly as its bigger sister island, and for the first time, I bring you…..fashion from Qeshm Island. As expected, it is not as flashy as the fashion from Kish, but it’s still a pretty cool light blue manteau worn with a semi-transparent dark blue scarf, black skinny pants, and grey sneakers. Hope to see more selfies like this from¬† Qeshm Island soon!



Salt Lake Selfie

The water in this lake is red due to the high concentration of salt in it, which makes specific red-colored algae grow in the water. I do have to say that the lake looks pretty cool…as does the outfit – blue plaid manteau, rolled up jeans, and bright blue scarf (not sure where the bag is from)…makes for a memorable selfie!


Drinking Tea at Northern Mountain Resort

Even though we cannot see the blue manteau worn by the woman wearing the purple scarf and sitting with her back to the camera, we can still enjoy the lovely black manteau worn with a blue scarf that hugs the woman’s shoulders (mostly, anyway…I love it!). She is wearing very skinny black pants that may well be leggings.¬† There is also a cool green, black, and grey color-block dress manteau worn by the woman in the loosely draped yellow scarf that also shows off a lot of hair. All of these amazing outfits are being shown off at a classic Northern mountain resort above North Tehran (s0mething like Darband or Darakeh, most likely), where the guests drink tea while sitting on wooden platforms. Shoes are never worn on these platforms, but socks are allowed.