Victorious in White Asymmetrical Coat and Leggings

This white asymmetrical coat with yellow edging is only seen from the back, so I cannot say for sure whether it is an open waterfall cardigan or not. Worn with black leggings and shoes and a black scarf with gold and pink zigzag-patterned scarf, this coat is accompanied by not one but two victory signs! I think that is a rather fitting companion to the previous post, don’t you?



Two Black Coats at Train Station

Two women in classical “black manteau and jeans” outfits are wheeling their suitcases at a train station…but there is one thing that makes one of the outfits special – the large metal circular grommets on the chest that immediately attract attention to the coat. Strangely enough, this coat looks like the black version of this recently posted navy coat with grommets down the chest!



Off White Shirt Manteau and Yellow “G-Print” Scarf

There are so many amazing things about this photo that it’s hard to know where to look first…. the incredible woodcut panels behind the woman, the little girl’s super-stylish outfit (I see puffy-sleeved dress and white leggings!), or her mom’s own stylish otufit, involving an off-white shirt manteau and a yellow scarf with “G” print and red and green edging and a carpet-print bag.


Beige Manteau, Silk Printed Scarf

The teleworker and layered roof alone deserve the spotlight…as does the beautiful beige manteau with gold zippers on the chest pockets and gold buttons on the cuffs. The white silk scarf has flowers and possibly butterflies printed on it and is tied low under the chin, showing off dark glossy hair and perfectly sculpted eyebrows…not to mention gorgeous Northern make-up.


Black Parka in the Park

This woman is going to a picnic in the park, but obviously, the weather at the time (earlier in the spring) was colder, and so, she wears a black parka over a black coat for warmth. Even the hood of her parka is raised…yet, beautiful red curls still fly out of it! P.S. Can you spot the two drink bottles? One is Coke…..the other one is….yogurt soda! I have to say, this one is not for me…


Vintage-Inspired Styles From the Miniature Garden

I believe that the last 2 photos are from North Tehran’s famous Art Garden, which has a “miniature landmarks” section (as was seen once here). ..I am not certain because there may be some other places with similar gardens. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a woman there wearing a black fringy scarf and jeans cut above the ankle, just like the 2005-07 vintage outfits!


In another section of the same garden, a navy blue trench coat with grommets down the front is worn with cut-off jeans…yet another vintage style staple and one that is awesome to see.