Dust Storm Close-Ups

These are some pretty amazing close-up shots taken in the middle of a severe dust storm (I think this may be Ahvaz, but I do not remember..)….The interesting (and scary) thing is that none of these photos involve actual dust masks…for example,  here the woman in the  hunter green and red plaid coat is using a snood as a dust mask..


..and the girls taking selfies are actually using tissues as dust masks.


This photo features both scarves and tissues being used as dust masks…and some gorgeous outfits, specifically the diaphanous scarf worn with a plaid manteau on the right…and the super-stylish, button-popping striped manteau on the left!



Photography Expo – Black and Dark Green

The outfits at this photography expo (the photos themselves seem to be mostly nature shots) are largely black coats of various styles, such as these 2 parkas (worn with boots and scarves showing off lots of hair)….


,,,or this coat with cape-like sleeves, worn with a bright magenta pink, shiny scarf and black leggings.


This manteau is definitely different from the rest, as it seems to be worn as a dress over black leggings or opaque tights and is dark green with beautiful black patterns. Another thing that makes the otufit stand out is the beautiful chocolate brown snood (pushed back, of course)…oh, and of course, those blue-rimmed funky glasses!


The Contemporary Manteau Part II

The second part of this 2018 set showcases even more brilliant styles..such as the ubiquitous black parka coat…


..and, yes, those beige and brown Timberland-style boots are back (they have appeared this year already here), worn with a beige manteau with black bows on the cuffs and what I can only describe as one of the wildest hairstyles ever posted here! A scarf+snood combination is also present on the woman wearing the burnt orange manteau.


Urban combat in all its glory, with stunning black fur-covered boots (I own similar ones, and they are VERY pricey, even on sale), is juxtaposed with the classic “black coat and jeans ensemble”, albeit worn with an open beige scarf from which a long red braid flows proudly.


Finally, the silk printed scarf tied low and the stylish fur-hooded striped parka make an appearance…both are great!


The Last Winter Set

Finally, no more snow…well, after these photos, that is…and they offer an array of beautiful winter fashions for every kind of outfit…from a brown leather coat worn with black snood and high heels…


..to this unbelievably beautiful colorblock (beige, olive green, and brown) manteau with an asymmetrical hem…


…to the gorgeous hat+scarf combo, worn with an olive green parka…


..and finally, two black parkas worn with contemporary items- Timberland-style boots on the left, black leggings and snood+scarf combo on the right, which still displays lots of hair.


Snowman Festival Part III

Here are the rest of the snowman festival photos…I like the black parka worn with the grey hat, for sure! (Of course, the brown trench coat is nice as well..) The sculpture is a lion made out of snow, and the kids are loving it.

جشنواره مجسمه های برفی 9 ݘ2@w[ŽdÊo

This purple velvet parka with a furry collar and a snood tucked in is a new style that looks quite warm and cozy..


Next come the leather jackets…first, a classic black 1 worn with a matching snood and tall boots  (and a tiny snowman!)


Next two photos also feature a bright blue scarf in addition to the leather jacket…the differences between the outfits are pretty small (eg. brown boots here..)


…as opposed to black boots here. The outfits are cool, and the snowman is, too!


Snow Sculpture Festival – Parkas and..Yes, Even a Coat With Skirt

The first of a big set of festivals dedicated to sculptures made out of snow (this one, unlike the one to follow it, is not solely dedicated to snowmen) is here…and the outfits are stunning….for example, this woman is sculpting a snow head in a warm and classy olive green parka with a furry hood..the parka is worn with a pushed-back, black snood showing off hair and even some funky eyebrows.


Now that is a snowman! Only a super-stylish coat with skirt otufit will do here- the coat is short and blue and puffy, while the skirt is long and zigzag-printed, worm over black leggings (or skinny jeans and brown boots.


I will have more photos from a snowman building festival – stay tuned!