Street-Savvy Styles

Here are some brand new examples of classic “street fashion” – check out this denim manteau worn fully pen, the rolled-up jeans, the ked-style sneakers, and of course, the MP3 player earbuds coming out the black pushed-back snood- this outfit is classic!


And here are 3 more great outfits from the streets – 2 black manteaus worn with colorful scarves (burgundy and pink- the one on the left is worn with leggings even!) and a gorgeous long grey coat worn with black jeans that are worn at the knees. This is one bad-ass set!




Grey Outfit at Sports Equipment Expo

This is only the 2nd time I have seen an outfit from an expo dedicated to sports equipment (here is the first one). I have to say, this one is much more impressive- a grey matching set of manteau and pants, a black snood pushed way back to show beautiful blond hair, and…how can I forget…those sandals! The shoes alone would make almost any outfit stunning!


A Stylish Walk

Another huge walk (like this one for example) yields some great outfits…namely, the first hi-lo hem (long in the back, short in the front) manteau, which is the navy blue one on the right, the one with the silver buttons down the front and the semi-sheer fabric. This one is definitely a classic! The black one on the left is worn open over a printed white top and jeans with a huge Gap logo on the hip- normally, I am not a fan of big logos, but I think with an open coat, it’s got that cool slightly rebellious vibe….


It’s never too late to stop a walk for a selfie, and this one involves a pink manteau, jeans, and a beautiful hunter green printed scarf pushed back by sunglasses…an excellent choice!


The star outfit of the set, this light blue and white striped manteau is worn open and barely held together by a thin belt over black skinny pants. The black snood is lifted all the way up over a huge hair cone, which I always love for its defiant nature. P.S. The boy is wearing a Ferrari shirt- the second time in 3 days that I have seen one on a blog post…an interesting coincidence!


Toy Festival Close-ups

At this festival devoted to children’s toys, all the photos are presented in close-up..the closest to seeing a full otufit is probably this navy manteau worn with a matching snood showing off blond hair.

سومین جشنواره ملی اسباب بازی 5£^ÎÔ_

This beige coat has cool flower-printed cuffs that match the inserts on the pink scarf…by the way, that little boy is wearing a pretty awesome Ferrari t-shirt. Strangely enough, a different, older boy in a Ferrari t-shirt will appear in an upcoming post.

سومین جشنواره ملی اسباب بازی 33£ºÔÛ

The little girl’s yellow outfit is absolutely adorable and perfect for summer! Her mom’s navy blue manteau with white flower print and black semi-transparent overlay panels is pretty awesome as well…and I cannot believe that this post is boasting not one but two navy snoods (this one showing off red hair)! This is a fairly rare item, so to see it so often is pretty amazing.

سومین جشنواره ملی اسباب بازی 15£^ÎÔ_

Stylish at the Construction Expo

In 2016, we saw some pretty cool fashions at a construction expo, which was quite unexpected…now, a year later, here come more glamorous styles from a new construction expo! The white scarf below is semi-diaphanous, showing off black hair and shiny earrings, and the black and white star-printed manteau contrasts the super-shiny metallic nail polish. I can see a lovely brick collection behind the girl; however, I do not know its name.


The next two outfits are from booths of high-end European household items, such as Visentin luxury bathrooms, an Italian company producing unique faucets. The grey satin manteau with black lace is certainly unique too, and I love that open scarf with the red hair flowing out.


..And below, Cemom Moatti is a French company producing door hinges, believe it or not. Once again, a super stylish, long coat in lemon-yellow is the feature of this booth.


Next to some ornate ironwork, a woman in a beautiful cobalt blue coat with flower-printed panels is smiling. Her scarf, strangely enough, is yellow, but it offsets her auburn hair nicely, so it does not look too clashing…


This navy blue coat has a cool asymmetrical beige belt feature and looks nice against the brick wall background.


Finally, here is another cobalt blue manteau with high slits on the sides (and a black pushed-back snood) worn by the booth of Electropeyk, which seems to be an electronic door opener company. Lovely!