Blue Flower-Print Manteaus at Egg Painting Festival

The interesting thing about this set is that even though the 2 outfits come from different egg painting festivals, both feature blue and white flower-printed manteaus, and both are taken as 2 shots- close-up and a full view!

This one is from the main Tehran egg painting festival, and it features a blue scarf pushed back by a colorful hair ribbon…


…and a lovely flower-printed coat with dolman sleeves (worn with jeans).  The flower pattern on the egg is quite intricate and beautiful…


Meanwhile, this outfit is from the Hamedan festival, which is new this year…and features a black snood worn over an elaborate hairstyle (with possible use of a hair flower clip)…


..and a flower-printed coat with a grey sweater underneath, black pants, and grey shoes. This egg features a more whimsical, less artistic design and even a few red fish!



Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos- Part V

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

This simple black coat is paired with a summery light yellow scarf with black outlined flowers (matches the black and white egg with the funky chicken feet pattern…)


For some reason, plaid manteaus are hugely popular to wear for this type of event…here is another one, in brown, white, and blue! First, here is a close-up…



..and here is a full view- this coat is also worn with a pushed-back snood and a nice wooden bead bracelet.


Quite possibly THE coolest manteau of the festival is this beige coat with a fringed, feathery-like hem…here’s a  close-up.


..and if you can’t get enough of this coat, just like I do, here’s a full view- worn with blue, fully open scarf showing off a short ponytail, jeans rolled up slightly above the ankles, and white sneakers, this coat is awesome! By the way, what is that behind the girl? Why, it’s the famous  Milad Tower, of course!


Part VI is coming soon…

Light Blue Coat and Rose Print Scarf at Ice Cream Shop

This is a rare 2017 photo featuring a light blue manteau with bubble sleeves, drawstring ties, and a white and pink rose-printed scarf worn draped loosely over one shoulder.  The ice cream shop may be called “Shaghayegh”, in which case, it appears to be in Northwest Tehran.


Epic Egg Painting Festival Photos – Part III

Part I, Part II

This part of the set mostly features close-up photos…like this one of a red manteau with multicolored threading throughout and (yes!) a white baseball cap over a burgundy scarf…this style is still rare, but it’s useful when one is painting and needs to put hair out of the way.  The horse on the egg is quite intricate and requires much concentration, which would not happen without that cap…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 16X«A™PIú

A silk scarf tied behind the head (turban-style) is also highly useful when one is painting…that’s why it is worn this way with the pink and white linen striped manteau.


An inventive half and half manteau (multicolored rhombus print on top, navy blue with tassels on the bottom) is paired with a simple, black snood…


Finally, here is a grey and blue plaid coat in close-up…


..and in full view- and the black scarf it is paired with is fully open- a long ponytail flows down the woman’s back….love it!



Epic Egg Painting Festival Set- Part I

This year, the egg painting festival photo set has outdone itself…yes, there are even more outfits than in 2017. I believe this is also because, this year, the festival was not just in Tehran but in other locations as well….

The festival staple is the scarf tied behind the ears- to make it easier to paint, of course, but it also becomes a defiant and cool gesture…This girl, for example, wears a purple scarf tied behind the ears…

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 12-¬Aˆ.

…and a cool grey open cardigan with puffy sleeves over a brown and white plaid shirt (matching the brown boots?) and olive green pants. The egg itself is white and blue, with a red bird on it (???).

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 34—²A¶€.ÐÜ

The egg here is stunning- jet black with a huge pink flower on it…and, while the black scarf here is worn in a more typical way, the purple plaid manteau is refreshingly different.

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 13-¬Aˆ.

Those who cannot draw as beautifully are watching from the sidelines…including this girl in an all-black outfit paired with bright pink sneakers.

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در بلوار کشاورز 21—²A¶€.ÐÜ

…finally, another scarf behind the ears in rich burgundy, worn with a red and white plaid manteau- this leaves us with 3 of the 4 outfits being plaid!

جشنواره تخم مرغ رنگی در باغ شهدا 8

More plaid outfits and other egg painting photos are coming soon…

Parka, “Body Con” Colorblock Manteau, and Pearl-Embroidered Jeans by the River

The 3 women are by a river pouring out water in a spring rite of passage…and one wears an olive green parka coat with a furry collar, which is a wintry look, as opposed to the light coats of the other 2 women. My favorite is the outfit on the right, as it features 1) a body-con (fitted strips of fabric) color-block white, navy blue, and grey manteau and2) jeans with beautiful large pearl decoration on them. Unfortunately, I was unable to find jeans like this and had to settle for jeans with a polka dot print all over (which still look cool)….