Black Puffy Sleeve Jacket and Snoods on a Bench

Chilling on a bench in front of a beautiful historical building, these girls epitomize effortless student outfit style with their black pushed-back snoods showing off glossy hair, black coats, and sneakers. One very cool element of the outfit on the left is the shiny puffy-sleeved jacket – it’s got that hip-hop vibe that I love (I actually have an olive green jacket and a black and gold chain print jacket like this!).


Running in the Rain in Student Outfits

As they run down a rain-soaked street, these two girls wear the classic student outfits. It’s all here – monochromatic coats, jeans, sneakers, backpacks, and black snoods pushed back to show the hair. The one distinctive feature in the photo is the navy blue color of the coat on the left..and even this color is quite common in student outfit (probably second most popular after black).


Among the Acacia Trees

I know, it sounds like a pretentious romantic novel title…but really, this is what the two photos below are about – showing acacia trees in bloom in the midst of spring. The two girls below may be sisters or best friends, and while one wears a classic all-black outfit (there is some green on her sneakers though), the other wears a red, blue, and white plaid manteau with jeans and a navy blue snood….nice to see this snood color crop up now and then.


Yet another snood-involving ensemble can be seen below…the belted orange coat is pretty classy, and the acacia bowing above the path is stunning!


Student Outfit in the Mountain Sledge

We’ve already seen one photo of a girl walking by this motorized sledge running on a track in a North Tehran mountain resort. Now, finally, here is a photo of a girl actually riding IN the sledge…while wearing the classical student outfit- black coat, jeans, pushed-back snood, and sneakers (these ones are slightly taller than usual and are black and green). Her face does not seem too happy though…perhaps, this sledge is not as fun as it looks.

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