Hello Dust Masks…

It seems like each summer, there is at least 1 dust storm photo set…and this summer is no exception. I think these may be from Hamedan once again….First, the masks join the classical student outfits (though the grey coat on the left is an interesting touch that I do not often see)…


..then they appear with not one, not two but…THREE denim manteaus! This one is worn with a black scarf with a pattern in the fabric….


…and here only the woman in the soft chambray manteau wears the mask, while the woman in the military-style jacket and black and white scarf does not.


I love the tasseled printed scarf here that makes the black and grey colors of the coat and pants more lively…too bad about the mask though.


A black and white manteau with tiny checkered print also appears…


..and finally, something different…the man in the pink shirt (very bold- I like it!) wears the mask, but the woman in a stunning fuchsia flower-print scarf does not. She also wears an amazing pink and black lace-print coat!


Blue Coat With Tweed Panel and Soup

This photo joins the small group of photos involving hot soup being purchased and sometime eaten on the street. The interesting thing about his blue manteau is that it is worn open over a white top and that it has a tweed-like black and gray panel on the front. The black scarf is worn pushed back to highlight the girl’s gorgeous hair and lovely long lashes.


Dark Grey Coat With Beige Edging at Railroad Expo

This is the first among all the expos featured on the blog – an exhibition dedicated to the railroad industry. Next to a booth for Arta Rail Irsa Co., whose website I was not successful to find, stands a woman in a dark grey manteau with beige edges, matching her beige patterned scarf. The coat is worn with black pants and shoes, which go very well with any outfit!


The Mega Book Fair Set – Part II

It continues….with this cool black manteau with a black checkered print and a first on the blog- T-strap shoes! I wonder why she is holding a pink balloon…


..sometimes, the book is so engaging you have to start reading right away. This girl, in a blue and red plaid manteau, definitely thinks so – she is reading right ont he lawn outside the book fair. Note the navy blue snood- this color in a snood is still very rare.


The girl is studying an atlas in an interesting black, grey, and white scarf with a print that looks like dogs (a bit)….


And this girl is reading something architecture-related in a beautiful white, yellow, and black color-block manteau.


..while this outfit is a combination of elements from the previous 2 – the grey printed scarf and the color-block coat, this time, in grey, white, and yellow. Also note the Paris-printed bag on the girl’s shoulder- very cool!


Wait for more book fair photos coming soon…

Black Puffy Sleeve Jacket and Snoods on a Bench

Chilling on a bench in front of a beautiful historical building, these girls epitomize effortless student outfit style with their black pushed-back snoods showing off glossy hair, black coats, and sneakers. One very cool element of the outfit on the left is the shiny puffy-sleeved jacket – it’s got that hip-hop vibe that I love (I actually have an olive green jacket and a black and gold chain print jacket like this!).


Heather Grey and Navy Coats by a Kiosk

Standing a product kiosk, which seems to be selling beauty products (I spy Old Spice cologne, Secret antiperspirant, aloe vera and camomile creams, among other things), these two women show off impeccable urban style- starting from the “urban combat” heather grey tunic on the left worn with (what else?) olive pants and tall black Nike boots. The woman on the right wears a more conventional navy blue manteau with white polka dots, but her black leggings and semi-transparent navy blue scarf suggest that she, too, is very well aware of the hottest manteau styles.


Stylish Snowy Fun

Snow on the ground does not mean that one cannot have fun…and here, in both photos, kids of different ages are doing so with relatives dressed in super-stylish outfits. The little girl is bundled up in a nice pink outfit, and her mom is super-glamorous in a red short0-sleeved sweater coat worn open over a black top and black leggings and a black pushed-back snood. The only strange element of this outfit is the white rubber boots – to me, they are meant more for rainy days rather than snowy ones…


…here, the two girls are most likely siblings or cousins of the boy they are happily pulling through the snow and both wear dark coats (navy blue on the left, black leather on the right) with beige scarves pushed very far back. I love the furry collar on the leather coat…but I also love the dark burgundy boots worn with the navy coat. Tough choice!