Black Puffy Sleeve Jacket and Snoods on a Bench

Chilling on a bench in front of a beautiful historical building, these girls epitomize effortless student outfit style with their black pushed-back snoods showing off glossy hair, black coats, and sneakers. One very cool element of the outfit on the left is the shiny puffy-sleeved jacket – it’s got that hip-hop vibe that I love (I actually have an olive green jacket and a black and gold chain print jacket like this!).


Heather Grey and Navy Coats by a Kiosk

Standing a product kiosk, which seems to be selling beauty products (I spy Old Spice cologne, Secret antiperspirant, aloe vera and camomile creams, among other things), these two women show off impeccable urban style- starting from the “urban combat” heather grey tunic on the left worn with (what else?) olive pants and tall black Nike boots. The woman on the right wears a more conventional navy blue manteau with white polka dots, but her black leggings and semi-transparent navy blue scarf suggest that she, too, is very well aware of the hottest manteau styles.


Stylish Snowy Fun

Snow on the ground does not mean that one cannot have fun…and here, in both photos, kids of different ages are doing so with relatives dressed in super-stylish outfits. The little girl is bundled up in a nice pink outfit, and her mom is super-glamorous in a red short0-sleeved sweater coat worn open over a black top and black leggings and a black pushed-back snood. The only strange element of this outfit is the white rubber boots – to me, they are meant more for rainy days rather than snowy ones…


…here, the two girls are most likely siblings or cousins of the boy they are happily pulling through the snow and both wear dark coats (navy blue on the left, black leather on the right) with beige scarves pushed very far back. I love the furry collar on the leather coat…but I also love the dark burgundy boots worn with the navy coat. Tough choice!


Resistance is Futile!

These photos come from an exhibition called “resistance art”, which is a code word  that suggests highly militaristic and possibly anti-democratic art. However, instead, we have a classic- the outfits worn at this exhibition are the antithesis of everything that such art supports, thus proudly proclaiming: resistance to manteau style is indeed futile!


This beautiful cobalt blue manteau with embroidered edging and loosely draped matching scarf are definitely resisting something…but not what the exhibit organizers hoped!


The parka manteau is complemented by a knit scarf that shows off almost all’s that for resisting? Also, interestingly enough, there is a “Persian Gulf” on the painting shown…I wonder why that would be there.


Finally, a pink jacket over a black coat and a turquoise scarf bring cheerfulness to an exhibition that refuses it…and I love it!



Black Tunic and Leggings at Sculpture Expo

Yesterday, my Internet connection was on and off (it does that for no reason sometimes)…so I was not able to post anything when I had free time. Finally, the Internet seems to be doing better. This outfit, worn at a sculpture expo (you can see some miniature sculptures behind the girl), is part typical student outfit -black tunic and pushed-back snood- and part rebellious – black leggings and turquoise sneakers…and yes, I do think that quilted bag is very cool!


Styles from the Furniture Expo

The following set of photos comes from an expo dedicated to modern furniture. Of course, some of this furniture is a bit too excessive “Northern style”, with its brocade pillows and curved couches, but the outfits make up for that…especially the cool black manteau below with its asymmetrical hem, worn with black leggings, black and white sandals, and a beige scarf perched atop a beautifully coiffed tall hairstyle.


This black and white polka dot manteau is worn with a semi-diaphanous black scarf through which the woman’s highlighted hair is visible…love it!


Finally, the two outfits below exemplify casual manteau style- both involve longer tunics and baggier pants, yet the scarves still show lots of hair, and the coats are pretty cool- both the plaid black and white one on the left and the black asymmetrical hem one (worn with a zebra scarf- I love this print!) on the right.