Black Parka in the Park

This woman is going to a picnic in the park, but obviously, the weather at the time (earlier in the spring) was colder, and so, she wears a black parka over a black coat for warmth. Even the hood of her parka is raised…yet, beautiful red curls still fly out of it! P.S. Can you spot the two drink bottles? One is Coke…..the other one is….yogurt soda! I have to say, this one is not for me…


Vintage-Inspired Styles From the Miniature Garden

I believe that the last 2 photos are from North Tehran’s famous Art Garden, which has a “miniature landmarks” section (as was seen once here). ..I am not certain because there may be some other places with similar gardens. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a woman there wearing a black fringy scarf and jeans cut above the ankle, just like the 2005-07 vintage outfits!


In another section of the same garden, a navy blue trench coat with grommets down the front is worn with cut-off jeans…yet another vintage style staple and one that is awesome to see.


Watercolor Print Manteau Selfie

Against a background of a stylish palace and a reflecting pool (sorry, I am not sure what city this one is in), a couple takes a selfie…the man has a cool agate stone ring, by the way. As for the woman, she is wearing a unique watercolor-print tunic with elbow-length sleeves over an olive green long-sleeved top (and an olive green scarf)…excellent color combination!


Horseback Riding in Resorts

I am not sure what resort this photo is from (not a Caspian beach one)…but strangely enough, both outfits involve black coats and bright scarves…such as this coral one…


…or the purple one below. This outfit is definitely from a Caspian beach resort. You can also spot a green puffy jacket over a black coat, which means this was back in early spring….now, such jackets will not be necessary!


From Green to Fuzzy at the Bazaar

The two outfits below are from the famous downtown Tehran bazaar and are as different as they can be…one is an olive green waterproof raincoat worn with a bright green scarf and a green sweater (excellent color combination, by the way!)…


..while the other is a super-fuzzy black and white patterned sweater worn with a blue patterned scarf. I have a soft spot for fuzziness of all kinds, so this outfit wins a smile from me.


Plaid Manteau at Jurassic Park

I’ve featured “Jurassic Park”, a park in Northwest Tehran featuring animal statues, here before, and it seems like every time I see a new photo from there, some new section appears…first, it was the dinosaurs (of course), then the pandas…and now the elephants! Of course, an interesting plaid manteau, in black and white, is featured here too…interesting because it has pink flowers printed on the hem. The black and white scarf, tied under the chin but still showing hair, is covered with a pattern…unfortunately, I can’t tell what it is.