Three Outfits from Carpet Exhibition

An artistic exhibition dedicated to handmade carpets produces three excellent outfits- this one , unfortunately, offers only a back view, but the black hair proudly showing from the front of the white and pink flower-printed scarf and the dark red manteau worn with black pants cut off above the ankle are definitely awesome. The only item in this outfit that does not fit anywhere is…the white canvas shoes (from my personal experience with such shoes, they are notoriously uncomfortable, and I would never wear these kinds of shoes again).


A black flower-print coat is worn with red pants and a semi-transparent scarf (to me, it looks blush pink, but it is difficult to say whether this is due to the lighting) that shows off all of the woman;s hair…lovely outfit!


Finally, acasual white manteau and jeans tucked into tall sneakers are made glamorous by a leopard print scarf.



Nice Outfits at Plastic Expo

Here is another first for the expos on the blog- an expo dedicated to plastic goods of all kinds…and there is even a couple of nice outfits from it! The beige manteau below has high lists on the sides, showing all of the woman’s skinny jeans cut just above the ankle, and the green striped scarf is voluminous but still shows lots of hair.


This scarf is awesome- it looks like a typical Burberry print black plaid silk scarf, yet it also has striped and flower-printed sections. Similarly, the girl’s yellow manteau also has striped sections, in blue and white. I see some bright colorful plastic dishes, tubs, and crates behind her- I wonder what the purpose of these items is…


Red Printed Dress Manteau at the Glass Museum

The stylish, beautifully lit up displays of glass vases are just as gorgeous as the red dress manteau with white flower print all over and what looks like a white lace insert at the neck. The manteau is worn with black leggings and a matching red scarf and some interesting shoes – it looks like they are black with gold accents, but unfortunately, the photo is a bit dark, so it is hard to say for sure.


Buying Stationery in a Pink Coat

I wanted to post this one earlier, but my computer was having issues loading websites…I had to restart it because it was running out of memory. Now, finally, you can see this classically “fall” shot- the beginning of school terms means that stationery has to be purchased. The light colors (blush pink of the coat, yellow of the scarf, and white of the pants) are typical of spring, yet this photo proves they can be worn at any time!

بازارِ خرید لوازم و تحریر 4sžª.«ª

Confectionery Expo Styles

I am not sure if this is the same expo as the chocolate expo from which I have posted some sets over the years, such as this one, for example….it may very well be. This lovely marled grey coat is worn with a pink printed scarf near an awesome chocolate fountain, into which the girl is preparing to dip some banana pieces…yummy! It looks like the fountain is part of a display by Ulker, which seems to be a Turkish chocolate company.


This couple is checking out different kinds of sprinkles…the bright colors contrast the woman’s white coat and light pink scarf with black polka dots…


..while this woman walks through the expo in a gorgeous light blue tunic with high slits on the sides and a black fishnet scarf showing off red hair.