Navy Blue Semi-Transparent Coat With Beige Edging

Can’t decide which outfits I love the most..on the one hand, the navy blue manteau, of course, has a semi-diaphanous hem and beige edging in the 3/4-length sleeves (pushed-back scarf matches the coat’s tone precisely)…on the other hand, the 2 girls (twin sisters? or just sisters?) are wearing red and white and green and white striped sweaters with bunnies and gorgeous flower-printed sneakers- beautiful fashion!



2 More Flower Sculpture Photos

I found a couple more outfits from the same flower sculpture park as the previous post….I really like the orange sleeveless open coat over the green top- I would have never thought those 2 colors could look good together (especially combined with a burgundy scarf, grey, pants, and black T-strap shoes!)…but they do.

کاروان گل استقبال از نوروز در تهران 81C0¨Aíõ3

The multicolored patchwork coat on the left is great…I also love the red and black plaid coat on the right…but most of all, I love the Northern view with the amazing villas!!!

کاروان گل استقبال از نوروز در تهران 11C0¨Aíõ3

Watercolor Print and Black Manteaus – Resort Styles

I love the watercolor print manteaus- they are stunning and artistic, but they are also very rare…here’s one from earlier this year…and one from 2017. The coat on the right falls into this category too, and I love the black leggings and black shoes with some sort of fishnet inserts that the woman wears with it. The other woman wears a simple black coat, but both wear silk flower-printed scarves tied low and those amazing huge sunglasses. These styles are from one of the Caspian resorts, a place that one can always count on for great manteau styles….


Colorful Scarf on the Palace Steps

Sitting on a stylish Northern palace’s steps (not sure which one of the palaces she was in), this woman draws attention with her unique scarf- dark green edged, wide, and covered in colorful shape print- and her sleek hairstyle with bangs on her forehead. The scarf is wide and covers most of the beige manteau, so all I can see is that it has wide sleeves…


Olive Green Coats With White Stripes

These 2 photos (which are not part of a set) both feature olive green manteaus with white stripes and olive green scarves…the only difference is that the first one has a dark green and grey color-block insert on the hem…


…while the second one is a classical “half-and-half” manteau, with only the top half being striped, and the bottom half being solid olive green. I love the colorful tassels on the scarf- the second outfit is definitely my favorite.