Buying Blue Pottery

The cool thing about these photos of women buying blue pottery is that we get 2 photos of the same outfit from slightly different angles. First, I found this photo of a woman in an olive green manteau and black pushed-back scarf with a black quilted bag buying some gorgeous pottery…


…then I found a photo of the same woman but a fuller view! Pretty cool, huh?


..and for good measure, I also found this photo of a woman in a black manteau, red scarf tucked behind the wars and pushed back by sunglasses, and black sandals sitting around the same pottery and looking very pensive..I wonder why the pottery is making her think so deeply.




Posing by the Waterfall

The waterfall shown here looks similar to the one from this post; however, it is not the same fact, the waterfall here is Ganj Nameh and it is in the Hamedan area. The fashions here are meant for selfies, which means they are great- specifically the puffy-sleeved cranberry red manteau worn with a bright red long-sleeve top and a turquoise-green scar that is worn open to show hair. I like the man’s shirt too with its funny logo – “Young” and then “#madboys” – this is the first time there has been a hashtag logo on the blog!


The printed jersey dress manteau is going strong here, in gorgeous black and green, and the green scarf frames dark red hair beautifully. I commend this woman for getting her daughter to put a headband on at that age – from my own experience, they do not all appreciate things on their head! That said, I am not a big fan of headbands on babies anyway…




Orange Ruffled Waterfall Cardigan and Jeggings

Yes, you read it right…jeggings i.e. jeans that are soft and stretchy and look like leggings. Against an awesome brick background, the jeggings look positively gorgeous with the ruffled orange waterfall cardigan and the white and blue zigzag-printed scarf that does not conceal much of the woman’s black hair or even her neck. It’;s strange that her sneakers are sky blue and pink though…


Denim Coat and Pashmina at Cartoon Expo

The beautiful brown patterned pashmina here is worn in such a way as to form a dome on top of the girl’s head and falls down the front of her denim coat.  The yellow shoes are backless sandals with closed toes, and even though they don’t match the outfit, they make the search process easier.  There is also a navy blue outfit with a purple scarf and rolled-up jeans in the foreground.

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