The Snowy Outfits Begin…

Snowy winters bring cool manteau style combinations…such as this black coat with a white furry collar, which is worn with a nice purple scarf.

بارش برف در شمال تهران 7¡

This classic outfit features a black leather coat and gloves, jeans tucked into tall brown boots, and…

بارش برف در شمال تهران 9

..a fully open red and yellow zigzag print scarf (as well as stunning and subtle make-up!)…and what would a snowy or rainy day set be without the umbrella man statue?

بارش برف در شمال تهران 13¡


Hat and Scarf Combo in the Rain on the Nature Bridge

The outfit on the left is worn in winter rain (rather than snow), but still features that rebellious and rare element of manteau style- the hat+ scarf combo. In matching grey, the combination is worn with a baggy black manteau and black pants and boots. The outfit on the right is a more conventional but still elegant beige manteau with a slightly flared hem, worn with jeans tucked into black boots and a yellow scarf. The outfits are worn on the exquisite Nature Bridge, a prime “Northern style” locale.



Dark Blue Coat in the Snow

The dark blue coat and jeans, worn with black sneakers, are fairly’s the ombre scarf with its darker purple top half slowly transforming into a blue bottom half that is the most interesting about the first of many winter photos for 2018. Note the dried tomatoes in little baskets on the side- these are a winter treat.


Olive Green Coat by Mosaic Mural

Back in 2015, I posted this manteau style, taken against a mosaic mural background… It took 3 years for another outfit from that same mosaic mural location to appear, but here it is…the most interesting thing is that both outfits involve black leggings! This coat, however, is olive green, not black, and the scarf is colorful and flower-printed. I wonder if I will see another style from this background again…


Two Smog Mask Styles

This was actually the first 2018 photo, and unfortunately, it just so happens that this photo is related to smog masks being worn..although not in Tehran this time. The historical buildings in the background mean only 1 thing- that this is is Isfahan. Actually, in the first photo, only the man wears the mask- the woman seems to be full of energy and is taking the man with her. Her short beige coat and loosely draped olive green scarf are youthful and vibrant.


What an awesome coat- beige fabric with shiny, lurex-like threading and knit brown inserts on the sleeves and hem. It looks lovely the black leggings and ankle boots and the draped scarf…very cool coat. Hopefully, the coat can make up a bit for the inconvenience of wearing the smog mask.