Shorty at a Glance

I am a glamorous, educated woman of a young age (relatively, I guess…..LOL).
I don’t like revealing too many personal details about myself because…well, you never know who reads these things!
I live in a free country and am thankful for the democracy we have. Though it has its flaws, like all systems, I am glad that it allows me to pursue my dreams and to live my beliefs.
I work in the scientific field.
I try to follow my ideology that I myself designed: I call it hardcore or “ride or die”.
It’s just a set of values that I like to live by. It is not a dogma and is forever evolving.
One day, I will write it down in a book (once I’ve sorted it all out!).
I am married and am lucky to be “Mommy” to 1 little girl, so if I don’t post for a few days, you know why 🙂  Luckily, I now have a bit of time to myself at night, so my posting has become more regular. That is as much as I want to reveal regarding my family on here.
I try to dress in what represents me as a woman…which I personally consider “sexy”. however, it most likely does not fit the mainstream definition of this word.  It has nothing to do with the amount of skin revealed (i.e. tight shorts or mini-skirts, which can often have the opposite effect, and I am proud to say I do not own ANY “short shorts” or hot-pants), but, rather, it relates to the combination of a piece’s fit to the body, fabric type, eye-catching details, and always….a deeper meaning to my look! Even when I am on leave from work, I try to follow this as much as possible.
I love San Fernando Valley life and I love hip-hop from the East Coast, which both inspire my fashion heavily, along with…of course…the rebellious manteaus this blog is dedicated to. Sometimes, I get inspired by all kinds of other random apparel, such as Edwardian necklaces or Indian kurtas/tunics and incorporate them into my weird and wonderful fashion sense.
I used to follow some celebrities rather “religiously”…..but I no longer do. Some people choose narrow-mindedness as their life journey, and I choose to leave such people to themselves!
If there’s anything I hate, it is oppressive traditionalist cultures (ALL of them) because they go against my values and human rights in general.
The end.


14 thoughts on “Shorty at a Glance

  1. Hi,
    I really liked your blog as we make long tunics for women.

    I am from India and would love to share a few styles of woolen long tunics which can also be another interpertation of manteaus. Will send u pics



  2. some people say i look like Janine- i love that u know of Jenna!
    great fashion that u pass along sistah!
    aloha from detroit 🙂

    • Thank you very much for ur comment! Janine has great fashion as well, but Jenna is my personal fav #1.

  3. Hey! I have been a fan of your website from a VERY VERY long time ago! I was just wondering how many views you get on this blog ? It has just interested me and I wanted to find out 😀 thanks! X

    • Hi Nadin,

      Thank you for your comments! As of right now, I’ve had more than 130,000 views (in the 4 years I’ve had this blog)…and I hope to have more!

    • Hi Neda,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Many of the manteaus in the posts under the designer category can be found on Facebook if you search by the designer name (eg. Aida Rahmani, Deja Vu, Donya Design, Poosh). If you go to their Facebook sites, the contact info will be there.

      Good luck!


  4. یه سوال مقصود اصلیت از زدن این وبلاگ چی هست

    من دارم روی یک طرحاینفو گرافی برای کاهش پوشیدن ساپورت کار میکنم و اتفاقی به وبلاگ تو رسیدم.

    خوش حال میشیم بدونم نظرت در مورد ساپورت چی هست

      • By the looks of it he doesn’t understand English so he hadn’t read your views, other wise he wouldn’t ask this question!

        Here is the translation of what he says:

        ”What is your purpose for setting up this blog.

        I am working on an infographic design to help reduce the wearing of support, and I have accidentally came across your blog

        I like to know what is your comment on wearing support”

  5. LOL, accidentally? This blog is filtered in Iran. Unless Basiji have unblocked it for themselves to pleasure themselves because their significant others make even them sick to their stomachs!
    P.S. We want the wearing of leggings to be increased, not decreased! Wrong blog!

  6. To see Iranian dress
    See the following words in Google search
    مدل مانتو
    مانتو اریکا
    مانتو کتی
    Iranian women are very well dressed and beautiful

    • Thank you- I entered these into Google Images, and I got some really cool sites. A long time ago, I used to post manteau store photos on the blog just because there were so few of them online, and their sites would get shut down so quickly..but now, the range of manteau store sites and Facebook pages is simply amazing. I don’t have the time and space to even post all of these – perhaps, one day I will just post some links to all of those beautiful sites.

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

      shorty x

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